Choosing Nozzle Spray Patterns for your Application

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Choosing  Nozzle Spray Patterns for your Application

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Every jetter has a fixed amount of power. The choice of a spray pattern determines how the jetter’s power will be used.

Spray angles matter

  • Angles aimed towards the pipe sidewall deliver more cleaning power.
  • Angles directed more parallel to the hose deliver more pulling power.
  • More of one equals less of the other 

Factors to consider when choosing a spray pattern to match an application include:

How long is the run?

  • Long runs require maximum pulling power. Choose patterns with pulling power (15-degree to 30-degree rear jets).
  • Shorter runs require less pulling power.
  • Choose patterns with more cleaning power (35 degrees to 55 degrees) to work more effectively.

Is the pipe blocked?

  • If blocked, a forward jet or jets are required.
  • If not blocked, a forward jet is optional. Forward jets will reduce overall distance capabilities. If distance is a consideration choose a blind nozzle (no forward jet). 
  • Pushing debris forward is more efficient with a pattern using multiple forward jets (degreaser pattern).
  • Pulling heavy debris like sand or gravel is aided by the use of dual rear angles (monster pattern).

HotJet USA tests nozzles in its own facility and field tests with thousands of plumbing, rooter and municipalities that operate its jetting equipment and from whom the company receives tons of application feedback.

HotJet USA partners with the largest nozzle manufacturers in the industry and shares in the development of its nozzle packages including the 3/8-inch Warthog nozzle with Stone Age Manufacturing and custom kits from Arthur Products.

To read more detail about nozzle selection including samples and definitions of spray patterns mentioned above, download HotJet’s extensive Nozzle Catalog.

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