In Photos: Plumbing Contractors Out on the Job Site

Check out this photo gallery featuring Plumber’s profiled contractors of 2018   

In Photos: Plumbing Contractors Out on the Job Site

Chris Faherty of The Sunny Plumber in Las Vegas, Nevada, featured in the March 2018 issue, in his work truck.

With the company profile Plumber magazine features each month, we capture the work that contractors do through both words and pictures.

When photographers accompany contractors on job sites, far more photos are taken than are able to fit on the pages of the magazine. So we put together this gallery of “bonus” photos featuring the companies that have been profiled so far this year.

Dispatcher Myra Mamaia answers calls from customers inside the Las Vegas offices of The Sunny Plumber.

The Sunny Plumber’s Chris Faherty lifts corrugated stainless steel tubing as he installs a gas line at a home in Henderson, Nevada.

The Sunny Plumber’s Elvis Alarcon works with copper tubing during a water heating system installation at a home in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Dan Schwanz of Frasier’s Plumbing, Heating & Cooling in Rhinelander, Wisconsin, featured in the February 2018 issue, inspects a well system at a private residence.

Dan Schwanz of Frasier’s Plumbing in the back of a service vehicle.

John Pessoa of H2NO Leak in Miami, Florida, featured in the April 2018 issue, closes off the pool returns at a residence by using inflatable tubing. Closing off the returns helps the company pinpoint leaks once compressed air is introduced into the system.

Steve Reid, owner of H2NO Leak, connects a Smittybilt compressor to a line to find a leak between the house and the meter.

Bryar Johnson of Parsons Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling in Ball, Louisiana, featured in the May 2018 issue, works on PVC pipe under a house where a water leak was reported. 

A Parsons Plumbing crew works on installing a bathtub in a residence. 

Jessie Wigley and Andrew Horton (on the roof) of Parsons Plumbing use a General Gen-Eye SD camera to inspect a sewer line.


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