8 Things to Consider When Shopping for a Jetter

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8 Things to Consider When Shopping for a Jetter

Investing in your business requires careful consideration. Here are eight things to look for when purchasing a sewer jetter.

1. A heavy-duty custom-built trailer
Take a long, hard look at the trailer the equipment is mounted on. If possible, go for a heavy-duty tandem-axle trailer. Hauling water to the job site will save hours of fill time and tandem axle units are 10 times safer over the highway and easier to back up vs. single axle trailers. Compare apples to apples with jetter trailer systems. Not all trailers are created equal. Safety and dependability matter and trailers are not something you should skimp on. 

2. Modular engineering
HotJet’s main components are built on a modular platform for easy equipment service. The power “setups” motor/pump can be changed out in minutes, not hours or days. HotJet USA builds “all belt drive” not “gear driven.” Specific advantages for belt drive pumps are less vibration and cooler operation since the motor and pump are not bolted together, and there is not a gearbox transferring heat to the pump.

3. Simple-to-operate design with rear controls
Efficiency with design means efficiency with the job. Keeping all the controls within reach when out on a job will cut down on the having to run back and forth between the operator controls and the job site. A simple operation design also helps reduce chances for operator error.

4. Name-brand components
Look for components that are serviceable in your area. Foreign-made components are not cheap to maintain. And sometimes fixing them at all is next to impossible. HotJet USA builds units mainly with Vanguard motors (Toyota), Kubota and Honda engines, and premium triplex pumps. These companies have service centers in every town. 

5. Premium hoses
Going premium with your hoses means you’re less likely to have downtime with breakage from cheaply made hoses. HotJet USA uses Piranha and Goodyear hoses that are easy to find and replace.

6. Deal with a company that specializes in jetters
Does the company building the equipment have professionals who have actually worked in the industry? Do they know the nuances of your business and relate to your applications and issues that arise? These are all questions that you should ask about who you’re buying your jetting equipment from. Jetters are investments in your business. Having people who actually know what your business is, how it operates and the applications that you encounter will provide you the peace of mind in knowing that the equipment they are selling is equipment that they would use themselves.

7. Find the company that offers the complete package
Look for equipment with custom-drilled nozzles, accessories, complete operational and marketing packages custom tailored with graphic work, and a company that offers a lifetime of support all backed by the best warranty in the business.

8. Warranty
Nothing is worse than investing in a pricey piece of equipment only to have that equipment fail a year in with no warranty to back up the quality and performance of the equipment. When making your jetter investment, a good warranty on not only the mechanics but the structure they’re mounted on is imperative.

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