Shark fractional-horsepower grinders designed for flushed debris

The Shark fractional-horsepower grinder series from Zoeller Pump Company is designed to handle difficult residential and small commercial applications where sewage ejectors struggle. These 115-volt, 12-amp maximum (807) circuit, all cast iron pumps can be installed as an integral automatic grinder.

“Shark grinder pumps are designed for sanitary applications where toilets are used but are typically chosen when a sewage ejector has repeated clogs or failures due to pumping debris not normal to a sanitary application,” says B.J. Hentrup, the product line manager at Zoeller Pump Company “This includes flushed items such as wipes, diapers and other nonspherical debris.”

Available in 1/2 hp (803), 3/4 hp (805) and 1 hp (807) models, these pumps offer performance heads up to 55 feet. Oil-filled for optimal heat dissipation, each model offers three independent cutting channels. Their Tri-Slice cutter technology provides over 300,000 cuts per minute, meaning flushable wipes, sanitary napkins, disposable and cloth diapers, and other debris found in today’s typical home are no match for this energy-efficient series.

“These pumps have been a great addition to the grinder family of pumps, as they allow us to offer better options than a standard 2-inch sewage ejector fighting clogs and the high costs of a 2 hp grinder,” says Hentrup. “They are designed based on input from the field and against the toughest sewage debris in the world. We don’t settle for handling typical debris, but ensure our products combat the worst of the worst so our customers have peace of mind that their purchase will get the job done every time.”

Zoeller offers more than 20 different versions within the 803, 805 and 807 series of grinder pumps. These versions include standard automatic and nonautomatic operation, longer cord lengths, and 115- and 230-volt applications.

According to Hentrup, the pumps are an answer to customer requests asking for more options in the grinder pump market. So far the feedback has been positive.

“The feedback received has been remarkable,” he says. “Being able to offer a grinder pump for any residential application no matter the requirements is a huge benefit we’re able to offer to their customers.”

Hentrup says that the pumps are designed for long life and heavy use. “When sized properly, installed and applied as designed, these pumps can stay installed and deliver the performance and longevity our customers have expected from us for 77 years.”



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