Trelleborg launches ‘Site Guide’ app for sewer rehabilitation

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A resin calculator, technical data sheets and overviews on carrier materials, including liner and hat profile types and fiberglass mats, are included on the new ‘Site Guide’ app from Trelleborg’s pipe seal operation. It offers extensive help for the renovation of sewer systems and provides information quickly and clearly.

Facilitating the daily work of processors, planners and decision-makers, the app gives practical tips on different trenchless sewer rehabilitation techniques. By using the resin calculator, the required amounts of epoxy and silicate resins for the various epros procedures — certified by the German Institute for Building & Construction — can be calculated. This can be done for the eprosDrainPacker system (short liners), the eprosDrainLining (CIPP) and the eprosLCR method, which is the lateral connection repair of both main and underground house sewers and downpipes in buildings. The app is also useful for the innovative MtH method for restoring house connections pipes from the main pipe direction into the lateral.

Plenty of additional information and the ability to download construction protocols make the app not only a digital aid, but also a tool that contributes to quality assurance.

The ‘Trelleborg Site Guide’ is now available free of charge from the Apple Store or Google Play.


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