Case Study: Pipe bursting allows upsizing with minimal disruption

Case Study: Pipe bursting allows upsizing with minimal disruption
The HammerHead hydraulic Hydroburst HB175 static pipe bursting system 19 feet deep in the pulling pit.

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How do you replace 540 feet of sewer under a popular golf course without interruption to golfers, utility customers or street traffic?

That was the question when part of an Eagle, Idaho, wastewater main, which ran beneath a fairway of the famous BanBury Golf Course, required upsizing. Upsizing 8-inch PVC pipe to 12-inch HDPE appeared as though it couldn’t be done via pipe bursting. The existing pipe lay at 19 feet in a pipe-chip bed of crushed rock in sandy, cobbly dirt. The combination does not displace easily, which made pipe bursting that much more difficult. Additionally, water was a constant complication due to the river’s proximity.

The task was contracted to Titan Technologies. Titan chose the hydraulic Hydroburst HB175 static pipe bursting system and a 16-inch PVC expansion head from HammerHead Trenchless Equipment.

Titan pulled the pipe under the golf course fairway from a manhole on the course. The first pull posed no problem for the HB175, requiring only about 60 tons of the 175 tons of available force. But the last 80 feet of the run made a slight bend. Here the original pipe installers had switched to ductile iron. To complete the project without two separate pulls, Titan chose the 16-inch PVC splitter, correctly believing that it would push the iron pipe ahead of it.

Had the pipe become too much for the HB175, Titan would have had no choice but to cut into the golf course and dig up a homeowner’s property. Service to the golf course and residents was never interrupted, however, and the pull was completed in a single day. 800/331-6653;


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