Plumber Product News: Geberit In-Wall Toilet System

Caleffi leak detection press fittings; SkyBitz plug-and-play fleet tracking software
Plumber Product News: Geberit In-Wall Toilet System
Geberit in-wall tank and carrier system.

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The model 111.798.00.1 in-wall tank and carrier system for wall-hung toilets from Geberit replaces the previous 2x4 version and offers several installer-friendly improvements. The new model, featuring a full range of actuator plates and remote controls, provides a flexible choice for buildings with high floor constructions.

Geberit re-engineered the Sigma concealed tank for this new system to fit within a standard frame. The 2x4 system now fits the same dimensions as the 2x6 system, making it easy for the installer to prep the walls for either system during the rough-in stage. The tank also provides more space for removal of the fill and flush valves tool-free maintenance.

Apart from a narrower footprint, the frame for the new 2x4 system features a slightly higher flush plate opening, preventing elongated toilet lids from hitting the plate. Patented L-supports provide added stability for long or narrow bowls. Redesigned, adjustable legs allow the system to accommodate floor construction up to 8 inches.

The system is water efficient, providing dual-flush functionality rated at 1.6 gpf. The water and space savings provided by Geberit in-wall toilet systems make them a prime choice for installation in green buildings.

“The Geberit 2x4 tank and carrier system is a flexible choice all around,” says John Fitzgerald, vice president of marketing at Geberit North America. “In addition to saving space – a necessity in most bathrooms – the Geberit system provides unlimited possibilities for design. Energy and water savings are just another bonus of using Geberit.” 847/803-7777;

Caleffi leak detection press fittings 

Presscon press fittings with leak detection from Caleffi are designed to detect leaks during system testing if a press fitting is unpressed. Sizes from 1/2 to 2 inches copper are available on several air separators, dirt separators, hydronic separators, magnetic separators, thermostatic mixing valves, balancing valves, press reducing valves and more.

The fittings have a working temperature range of zero to 250 degrees F for up to 50 percent glycol mixtures and up to 200 psi. Fittings meet low lead law requirements for use in accordance with U.S. and Canadian plumbing and mechanical codes. 414/238-2360;

Milwaukee Tool liquid marking pen  

INKZALL liquid paint markers from Milwaukee Tool are designed to write through dusty, wet or oily surfaces and optimized for darker job site surfaces such as black pipe and structural steel. With a 10-second drying time, the pen’s markings are water- and UV-resistant and can withstand temperatures up to 300 degrees F.

For added user convenience, the markers have a textured barrel for easy use when wearing gloves, and an anti-roll design that prevents rolling on work surfaces. Available colors include white, yellow, black, red, green, blue and orange, as well as fine-point silver and gold. 800/729-3878;

Weego pocket-sized battery jump starters

The pocket-sized Weego Jump Starter Battery+ from the Paris Corporation is capable of starting boats, cars, trucks, motorcycles and ATVs, as well as charging phones, tablets, speakers and other USB devices.

“Dead batteries at best ruin your day and at worst put you in a tight spot,” says Gerry Toscani, CEO, Weego. “Lithium-ion batteries only lose about 2 percent of their power per month, so you can throw it in a safety kit or locker and forget about it until it is needed.”

Weego Jump Starters are offered in three sizes. The JS6 Standard is capable of starting gasoline engines up to 4.6L and diesel engines up to 2.4L; the JS12 Heavy Duty can start gasoline engines up to 6.4L, diesel engines up to 3.2L and the JS18 Professional can start gasoline engines greater than 6.4L and up to 4.8L diesels.

Each Weego model includes jumper cables that can be attached to the terminals of a dead battery. Easy-to-follow instructions are printed on the back for quick reference.

To start, connect the clamps to the battery terminals, connect the cable to the Jump Starter Battery+, turn the power on and start the engine. A built-in LED flashlight assists in low-light situations and a strobe with SOS function draws roadside attention if needed. A 3-in-1 USB charging cord, eight popular-brand laptop connectors, wall and car chargers, and a carrying case are included.

Weego jump starters offer up to 1,000 charging cycles (a full charge plus full discharge) and have an operating temperature from -4 to 140 degrees F. 609/265-9200;

SkyBitz plug-and-play fleet tracking software 

SA2000 plug-and-play GPS fleet tracking software from SkyBitz Local Fleets provides an uninterrupted flow of vehicle tracking data, including vehicle location, speed, mileage and fuel usage.

The system is designed to insert into the OBD-II port of any light-duty vehicle, including pickup trucks, utility vans and service vehicles, eliminating the need for taking a vehicle out of service for installation.

“We are excited to offer the SkyBitz Local Fleets Economy package featuring the SA2000 to meet our customer’s needs for a low cost, self-installed GPS fleet tracking solution that delivers an almost immediate ROI,” says Todd Lewis, vice president of sales, SkyBitz Local Fleets. “As part of a larger SkyBitz family, we are able to leverage a larger Customer Success Team who is dedicated to providing helpful, timely support to ensure our customers receive the most optimal use of the solution.”

SkyBitz Local Fleets offers various levels of SaaS packages to fit the needs of different fleets of vehicles and assets. 888/760-4477;

Aquabrass free-standing bathtubs 

The Ibiza and Bali free-standing bathtubs from Aquabrass are made of stone resin and feature a glossy finish. The Ibiza has smooth sculpted edges in an oval shape while the Bali provides a modernized version of the classic footed tub. The Bali B1021 is 65 1/4 inches long, 32 5/8 inches wide and 22 1/16 inches tall. It has a press pop-up drain, 1 1/2-inch drain connection and built-in overflow. The 68-gallon tub weighs 165 pounds.

The Ibiza, B1030 is 64 7/8 inches long, 31 1/2 inches wide and 25 inches tall. The 74-gallon tub weighs 165 pounds. 855/943-2782;

General Speedrooter drain cleaner 

The Speedrooter XL drain cleaner from General Pipe Cleaners clears clogs in 3- to 10-inch lines up to 200 feet long. The drain cleaner has a 3/4 hp motor and interchangeable drums that hold up to 100 feet Flexicore cable.

Loosening three knobs enables the user to switch between 3/4- or 5/8-inch cables in the large drum or substitute the small drum with 100 feet of 1/2-inch cable.

One person can easily load the Speedrooter XL onto a truck. The machine’s frame slides smoothly from the loading wheel to the handle to stair climbers and finally to the wheels. The adjustable height, swept back handle also provides maximum maneuvering leverage. 800/245-6200

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