Plumber Product News: CUES Portable Inspection System

Mansfield high-efficiency urinal; Clean-Fit Blue Monster drain opener.
Plumber Product News: CUES Portable Inspection System
CUES MARK 3 portable CCTV pipeline inspection system.

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The MARK 3 portable CCTV pipeline inspection system from CUES operates all CUES mainline cameras, condition assessment software and transporters in 6- through 72-inch pipe. The inspection system can be mounted in trailers, Ford Transit, ATV or used as a stand-alone system. It can be outfitted with a soft mount and carrying handles to transport the MARK 3 between inspection platforms.

Features include built-in diagnostics, variable speed control reel, automatic payout and an emergency shutoff. The Power Control Unit is mounted on the rear of the video cable reel and can be removed for truck-mounted systems, if required. Additional features include built-in SD card for digital video recording, video playback and digital image capture, a connector for adding a remote DVR, LCD display case with built-in keypad that can be quickly removed and remotely mounted up to 20 feet away from the system. 800-327-7791;

Mansfield Plumbing high-efficiency urinal 

The 475HE Suburban high-efficiency urinal from Mansfield Plumbing features an integral trap siphon jet, uses 0.5 gpf and complies with ADA requirements for accessibility. It measures 14 5/8 by 21 3/8 by 14 3/8 inches.

“This wall-mount urinal provides plumbers with a high efficiency, dependable unit for commercial settings," says Adriana Miller, product manager for Mansfield Plumbing. "The 475HE Suburban also works with a 1 gpf flushometer valve and weighs approximately 35 pounds.” 877/850-3060;

Clean-Fit Blue Monster drain opener 

Blue Monster Drain Banger professional-strength drain opener from Clean-Fit Products, a division of The Mill-Rose Co., devours hair, grease, soap and organic matter in less than 60 seconds. Available in three sizes the hot-water activated cleaner is odorless and will not harm plumbing fixtures, porcelain or septic systems. It also can be used for preventative maintenance to eliminate hair, grease, soap and oil buildup. The blue-flake drain cleaner is available in 1-, 2- and 6-pound easy-pour containers. 800/321-3598;

Grundfos domestic booster pump 

The intelligent and low-noise SCALA2 domestic booster pump from Grundfos offers homeowners constant water pressure, regardless of municipal inlet pressure and multiple open taps.

Fully integrated, the self-priming pump is designed to boost water pressure from city mains, shallow wells and storage tanks serving residential buildings with up to three floors and eight taps. An intelligent pump control sensor compares measured and desired water pressures, adjusting pump speed accordingly and ensuring a perfect water pressure through the system. The plug-and-pump solution has a user-friendly control panel to enable manual pressure adjustments.

The compact pump weighs 22 pounds and has a water-cooled motor with a sound level of 47 dB(A), about as loud as a dishwasher.

“With the new SCALA2 water booster pump, homeowners will have perfect, steady water pressure–even if the shower is on, the kitchen faucet is running and the car is being washed outside. It will only take a plumber a few minutes to install, but it’ll boost the comfort in the home for years and years,” says Kirk Vigil, director of national accounts for DBS. 800/921-7867;

DPL Telematics GPS tracking system 

The Trackall OBDII vehicle tracking system from DPL Telematics has no external wiring or antenna and plugs into the existing OBDII port of most vehicles, enabling managers to wirelessly monitor vehicles from an Internet-based software package and mobile app. Anti-tamper features include a backup battery that delivers immediate disconnection notifications with location, as well as GPS jamming detection. 800/897-8093;

Milwaukee Tool liquid marking pen 

INKZALL liquid paint markers from Milwaukee Tool are designed to write through dusty, wet or oily surfaces and optimized for darker job site surfaces such as black pipe and structural steel. With a 10-second drying time, the pen’s markings are water- and UV-resistant and can withstand temperatures up to 300 degrees F.

For added user convenience, the markers have a textured barrel for easy use when wearing gloves and an anti-roll design that prevents rolling on work surfaces. Available colors include white, yellow, black, red, green, blue and orange, as well as fine-point silver and gold. 800/729-3878;

PIP protective rain gear 

Falcon protective rainwear and liquid splash protection from Protective Industrial Products is designed to defend against heavy rain and provide splash protection for industrial pressure washing applications. 800/262-5755;

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