Product News - August 2020

Product News - August 2020

The MGS-402 gas detection controller from Bacharach USA is for refrigerant, toxic and combustible gas detection applications.

Bacharach USA MGS-402 dual-channel gas detection controller

The MGS-402 gas detection controller from Bacharach USA is for refrigerant, toxic and combustible gas detection applications. The system is designed for safety compliance in mechanical rooms, cold-storage facilities, walk-in freezers and cold-room applications to 40 degrees below zero. The unit is part of a series of gas detectors that connect through Modbus to up to two remote MGS-410 gas detectors located within 1,000 feet. The MGS-402 is powered by 110-240 volt AC, and it provides three 10A output relays (fault, low alarm and high alarm) to initiate auxiliary ventilation or restrict refrigerant flow and two analog outputs for interface to a building management system or fire/safety panel packaged in an IP66 enclosure. Upstream Modbus connectivity enables remote configuration and communication with building management systems. 800-736-4666;

Rheem ProTerra hybrid electric water heater

Rheem’s ProTerra water heater from Rheem is eco-friendly at up to 4.0 UEF. The system is available in gallon sizes 40, 50, 65 and 80 to support various hot-water needs. The ProTerra with LeakGuard model has built-in leak detection and auto shut-off that limits water loss from the tank to no more than 20 ounces. Using the EcoNet mobile app, it can monitor the system from any location, adjust water temperatures for controlled comfort and receive maintenance alerts to ensure the system continues to run smoothly without interruption. Other advanced features include scheduling around peak electricity rates, an energy-usage tracker to manage consumption without sacrificing comfort and five operating modes to balance between energy usage and hot-water availability. 800-621-5622;

SJE Rhombus EZ Series In-Site Bluetooth control panels

The redesigned EZ Series In-Site CL data logging control panels from SJE Rhombus are available in simplex and duplex models. The panels use Bluetooth to connect to the new EZ In-Site Connect app, available for both Android and Apple smart devices. With the app, there’s no need to open the panel for configuration, viewing status or downloading data. The Bluetooth module allows safe and secure access in all weather conditions. The panel configuration can be converted in the field to either timed dose or demand dose using a tablet or smartphone. The panels record up to 4,000 system events, including pump runtimes, pump cycles, alarm conditions, hand/off/automatic settings, power outages, service calls and more. The simple and accurate C-Level sensor converts the water pressure in a tank into a low-voltage electrical signal read by a variety of level monitoring products manufactured by SJE Rhombus. 218-847-1317;

Triangle Tube Smart 316 indirect water heater

Triangle Tube’s Smart 316 indirect water heaters will be available in all current Smart model sizes ranging from 30 to 120 gallons. New product enhancements include high-grade stainless steel inner tank, acid pickling that promotes corrosion resistance, an improved welding process, watertight top cover with an enhanced shell that prevents corrosion of the outer tank and a dry well that is subject to pressure testing prior to installation. 856-228-8881;  


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