Case Studies - September 2021

Case Studies - September 2021

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Root problem eliminated on lakeside easement

Problem: A neighborhood in Liberty, Missouri, had a heavily root-bound easement. Access was difficult, as the 1,280-foot line traveled across the backyards of houses situated on a lake. The line was laid unevenly, which gave roots more opportunity to invade. There were continual blockages, with several houses experiencing backups. The municipality put the easement on a saw, cut and flush routine program, conducted twice a year. However, they were called out for emergencies in between the maintenance visits as well, as there were constant problems. 

Solution: Duke’s Root Control applied RazorRooter II to the entire easement. The hose released and sprayed the foam in all directions, allowing it to adhere to roots and penetrate through wye connections to kill roots, without harming trees or other aboveground vegetation. 

Result: “A few months after the foam was applied in January, we ran our CCTV through the pipe, and the roots had decayed, like you see cigarette ashes crumble,” says Gary Harter, operations manager for the City of Liberty. “Our camera made it right through the pipe. We haven’t had any blockages since. This has saved our city a tremendous amount on time lost, wages and expenses. We can rededicate the time we were spending to different areas of the town.” 800-447-6687;  


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