Case Study: Advertising magnets effective in marketing plumbing company

Case Study: Advertising magnets effective in marketing plumbing company
Stamp Works refrigerator magnet

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Joe Dee Maria, president of Dee Maria Plumbing in West Palm Beach, Florida, wanted a better way to advertise his plumbing business than just the Yellow Pages and the Internet. He found that when his customers went shopping online, they saw all the other competing plumbing companies and started price shopping. The relationship went out the window.  

Dee Maria has a large fleet of unique-looking Sprinter vans, and he wanted to capitalize on the idea that they were a moving billboard, so he turned to Stamp Works to make custom refrigerator magnets that look just like his Sprinter vans.

“The results were amazing,” says Dee Maria. “My customers really like the magnets.”

He even mails them out to certain choice ZIP codes, and because the recipients have seen his fleet of Sprinter vans all around town, they recognize the small fridge magnets as his company. Dee Maria believes the magnets have created a greater impact and that he is getting many new jobs from his efforts. 800/758-2743;


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