Focus: Septic and Sewer Installation and Repair: Pumps & Drainfield Media

Focus: Septic and Sewer Installation and Repair: Pumps & Drainfield Media
Advanced Pressure Sewage Systems (PSS) Packages from Flygt – a Xylem Brand.

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Flygt – a Xylem Brand Advanced PSS Package
Advanced Pressure Sewage Systems (PSS) Packages from Flygt – a Xylem Brand include an energy-efficient Flygt Progressive Cavity Grinder Pump, fiberglass-reinforced polyester pump station and FGC211 intelligent pump controller. The pump ensures long motor life, long service intervals and premium performance. It is quick to install, and comes with user-friendly monitoring and control, trouble-free operation and municipal strength in a residential setting. 855/995-4261;


Liberty Pumps LSG-Series Omnivore
The LSG-Series Omnivore grinder pump from Liberty Pumps has V-Slice cutter technology with a hardened stainless steel cutting system to aggressively shred jeans, shop rags, sanitary napkins and other difficult solids into fine slurry with little jamming. It has a one-piece cast iron body, quick-disconnect power cord, stainless steel impeller and dual-shaft seals. Complete predesigned grinder systems are available in a variety of basin sizes. 800/543-2550;


Septic Services Retro-Air
The Retro-Air Rejuvenator System from Septic Services provides a complete drainfield rejuvenation system that returns a failed existing septic system back to optimal flow and performance. It can be used in new or existing septic systems and can be installed in single- or multiple-compartment septic tanks. It eliminates clogged drainfield biomat and is recommended in aeration systems that are prone to backup. It uses the aerobic process to restore failed anaerobic installations, or to prevent failures in newly constructed septic systems by delivering a constant flow of air to the diffuser. Over time, aerobic bacteria consume the biomat, allowing the soil to absorb effluent once again. It is quick and easy to install and requires minimal maintenance. 800/536-5564;


Weber Industries WEBTROL MVPS-RE1
The WEBTROL MVPS-RE1 drop-in package for existing progressive cavity systems from Weber Industries includes a progressive cavity pump that provides reliable operation and nearly constant flow, and is able to adjust for pressure variations in any system setting. The package is powered by a 1 1/2 hp motor, spinning at 1,750 rpm to provide grinding torque. All package parts are readily available and easily replaceable, allowing the unit to be quickly and easily serviced in the field. 800/769-7867;


Drainfield Media

Anua Compact Monafil
The Compact Monafil zero-energy biofiltration system from Anua uses specialized media to remove odors, VOCs, sulfur and nitrogen-based compounds. The properties of the granular high-density peat media have proven to be a key factor in achieving high-performance removal and extended media life, according to Anua. It also uses recycled shell-based media to maintain a neutral pH within the prepackaged biofilter. The peat and shells ensure optimal odor control while simplifying operation and enhancing system reliability. 800/787-2356;


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