Simplifying float system control

The EZconnex Float Connection System from SJE-Rhombus provides a new, simple way to install float switches in a wet well for level control applications in lift stations, septic systems, or any other application controlling pumps using float switches. Rather than running multiple individual cables from float switches to a control panel, one single cable is run from the panel to a waterproof connection manifold conveniently located near the top of the wet well. This means less time on the job for plumbers.

“Individual floats can be quickly and easily replaced by a single worker rather than replacing long cables in a conduit run back to the panel,” says John Desmond, Product Manager with SJE-Rhombus. “Just plug in the new float switch, and the job is done. In most cases, there is no need to access the panel at all.”

The EZconnex system includes an electrical wiring manifold with mounting bracket and hardware. The manifold has three quick-release float switch connection ports. A single six-conductor direct burial cable has Red-Blue-Yellow wire pairs that match the R-B-Y imprint on the float housing to aid installers in field wiring. The mounting bracket is designed to allow quick access to the manifold and float switches for easy maintenance.

“The system offers major savings in manpower, time and expense in both initial installation and ongoing maintenance,” says Desmond. “Emergency float switch replacements that otherwise would take hours and require a crew of two or three workers can now be completed in minutes by one person, greatly reducing downtime.”

The float switches feature an internal switching mechanism with sealed gold cross-point contacts for reliable low-current operation down to 0.16 mA at 125 volts. A range of wide- or narrow-angle float switches feature a quick-release connection that simply plugs into the manifold port(s) for a quick, clean installation. The system can be used with one to three float switches. Each float switch includes a protective rubber boot that provides a dual-seal design for an extra layer of protection to keep connections clean and dry. Sealing plugs are available for unused port(s). The system is rated for short-term water submersion, and is CSA certified. According to Desmond, the testing phase to develop the system was extensive before it hit the market in June 2016.

“The system has been in development for more than two years, and has gone through extensive lab and field testing for ease of operation, operating cycle testing, seal testing, and resistance to corrosive and toxic gases,” he says. 888/342-5753;


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