Focus: Septic and Sewer Installation and Repair – Advanced Treatment Units

Focus: Septic and Sewer Installation and Repair – Advanced Treatment Units
The RetroFAST System from Bio-Microbics.

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Bio-Microbics RetroFAST
The RetroFAST System from Bio-Microbics enhances or repairs existing septic systems that have biologically failed. Systems are designed for residential-strength wastewater in three sizes, and insert into an existing 16-inch manhole without the need for heavy equipment. They are easy to install, usually in less than half a day, and typically don’t require a permit. They serve as a permanent solution to remediate biologically failed septic systems, delivering high levels of treatment, requiring minimal cost to operate and maintain, and avoiding digging up a yard. 800/753-3278;


Norweco Singulair Green
The Singulair Green advanced wastewater treatment system from Norweco quietly, efficiently and automatically treats all domestic wastewater in 24 hours. The durable, watertight polyethylene tank is ideal for new or replacement applications. It is easily installed and offers single-tank convenience. The system contains pretreatment, aeration, clarification, filtration, flow equalization, and optional disinfection and dechlorination. Incorporating support ribs and an inherently strong arch shape, the durable tank provides treatment of wastewater flows up to 600 gpd, meeting or exceeding the strictest state and county requirements. It is certified by NSF International. 800/667-9326;


Orenco Systems AdvanTex AX20-RTUV
The AdvanTex AX20-RTUV treatment system from Orenco Systems is a self-contained module that treats typical septic tank effluent to better than secondary standards, with nitrogen reduction and UV disinfection. It’s designed for homes with up to four bedrooms and is especially suited for small sites with poor soils or that require shallow bury. The unit helps protect surface waters and aquifers, and is an effective solution for areas that have strict discharge limits. In a performance evaluation of 35 systems between 2005 and 2013, it received the highest overall ranking as demonstrated by high nitrogen reduction, process stability and low energy use (OSET NTP Performance Ranking, Water New Zealand, November 2014). It is installed following a septic tank equipped with Biotube effluent filters. The unit eliminates the need for separate recirculation, treatment, discharge and disinfection tanks and basins, and reduces the number of risers and lids needed in the treatment train. 800/348-9843;


SBR Wastewater Technologies SYBR-AER
The SYBR-AER advanced wastewater treatment system from SBR Wastewater Technologies is based on sequential batch reactor technology that allows the entire treatment process to happen in a single, locally secured tank. The entire system ships preassembled from the factory and ready for installation. To ensure proper performance, the package includes a preprogrammed control with an internal logic module with battery backup. All components are easily serviceable and use quick-release connectors to remove any part for inspection or service. The system is ANSI and NSF Standard 40 approved, and is available in 500, 600, 800, 1,000 and 1,500 gpd systems. 855/391-2448;


SciCHLOR sodium hypochlorite generators with multi-pass SciCELL Electro-Chemical Activation technology from Scienco/FAST produce a strong oxidizing solution designed to kill MRSA and E. coli organisms and other harmful pathogens. Connected to an incoming water source (55 to 85 degrees F) and with operating modes of batch, continuous, clean, setup and diagnostic, the system includes brine and chlorine storage tanks, SciCELL unit recirculation pump and control panel. As chlorine is used, water automatically refills the brine tank. If no solution is used, the system shuts down to save power. The unit produces 10, 20, 40 or 60 pounds of chlorine-equivalent solution per day. The 10-pound unit produces about 150 gallons of solution at 8,000 ppm for treating between 800,000 and 900,000 gpd at 1.5 ppm. 866/652-4539;


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