Shredding on the Slopes of Gore Mountain

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Shredding on the Slopes of Gore Mountain

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A monster has been lurking in the basement of the Gore Mountain ski resort for more than 30 years. The Gore Mountain ski resort in New York has been benefiting from a Monster Industrial 3-HYDRO sewage grinder that has been faithfully chewing up all the debris flowing into the treatment plant. The benefit for the resort (and the guests) is that the resulting small particles easily pass through the lift station pumps and keep the systems from clogging.

After 24 years of continuous operation the grinder finally took a break from the slopes and headed back to JWC Environmental’s rebuild facility. There it was outfitted with a new set of sharp steel cutter teeth and brought up to the latest standards. It was then taken back up to Gore Mountain for even more shredding.

Originally installed in 1988, the 3-HYDRO was put in during a sewage waste plant upgrade. Due to the remote location the resort treats its sewage on site. The facility operates two separate wastewater treatment plants and the 3-HYDRO protects both from clogging with rags, trash, plastics and other debris. The first is a sequencing batch reactor running at 6,700 gallons per day and the second is a Siemens ORBAL system that cleans 65,000 gpd and operates during the busy winter months.

According to Tom Dunbar, building maintenance manager, the sewage grinder has run 24/7 since the day it was installed and all they’ve needed to do is keep on top of the preventive maintenance.

JWC makes make a great product,” Dunbar says. “I wish everything lasted that long.”


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