Case Study: Tracking Software Helps Plumbing Company Prevent Theft, Improve Accountability

Case Study: Tracking Software Helps Plumbing Company Prevent Theft, Improve Accountability
GPS Insight’s Vehicle & Asset Tracking Solution

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Plumbing Medic, located in Gilbert, Arizona, is a locally owned and operated plumbing company specializing in residential and commercial plumbing. The company began researching GPS tracking to pinpoint the location of its vehicles.

Vehicle location

“Our vehicles carry expensive equipment and parts, so it is important for us to know their whereabouts at all times,” says Tami Gurka, dispatcher for Plumbing Medic.

Another reason Plumbing Medic began looking into GPS tracking was to improve time management and accountability of its mobile workforce. Since drivers are dispatched throughout the metropolitan Phoenix area, Plumbing Medic had no way of knowing what drivers were doing between jobs.

Through the use of GPS Insight’s Vehicle & Asset Tracking Solution and its real-time mapping and ETA features, Plumbing Medic can see where technicians are and how long it will take them to get to the next job.

Odd-hours alerts

The odd-hours alerts feature enables Plumbing Medic to increase employee accountability and prevent unauthorized usage of company vehicles.

“We were able to identify one of our technicians using a company vehicle to cross states lines for personal use,” Gurka says. “We received an odd-hours alert in the middle of the night that one of the vehicles was moving in another state.”

Efficient dispatching

Plumbing Medic also uses GPS Insight to simplify dispatching by eliminating time on the phone trying to locate technicians.

“On average, I would make 150 calls per day, and now I make almost no calls because most communication is done via text messages through GPS Insight,” Gurka says.

As a result, Plumbing Medic has increased response times during emergency dispatch by sending the closest and best technician to the job site.

Fuel savings

GPS Insight also enables Plumbing Medic to eliminate fuel card fraud by monitoring where technicians fill up and how many miles they travel.

By integrating WEX fuel card data into GPS Insight, Plumbing Medic can view fuel card transactions to ensure fuel purchased and miles driven are valid. 866/477-4321;


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