Plumber Product News: StoneAge Small Pipe Cleaning Nozzle

Triangle Tube stainless steel water heater; Milwaukee Tool close-quarters tubing cutters.
Plumber Product News: StoneAge Small Pipe Cleaning Nozzle
StoneAge Beetle nozzle.

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The Beetle BT25 small pipe cleaning nozzle from StoneAge pairs with a Navigator, ProDrive or Boiler Tube Cleaner for clearing process piping, drainlines, u-tube bundles and other small-I.D. pipe and tubes with bends. Designed to clean conduit down to 5/8-inch I.D., the nozzle features stainless steel construction and liquid bearing design that requires no bearings, seals or lubricants to replace. 866/795-1566;

Triangle Tube stainless steel water heater 

The Prestige Excellence water heater from Triangle Tube features an inner and outer stainless tank for corrosion resistance. The water heater is 95 percent energy-efficient with up to 5.5-1 turndown ratio and the ability to maintain 3 gpm of hot water. The ACVMax control system offers a mixing-valve function for dual temperature heating as well as fully programmable circulator control with three available outputs. Additional features include 60-second setup, intelligent trouble-shooting and integrated cascade. 856/228-8881;

Milwaukee Tool close-quarters tubing cutters

Close-quarters tubing cutters from Milwaukee Tool are available in 1/2-, 3/4- and 1-inch sizes. The cutters are able to cut through Type M, L and K copper tubing. Features include direction indicators, directional grip, chrome rollers for rust protection, weep holes at the bottom of the housing that allow water to drain from the tool, and hard carry case with additional storage for replacement wheels and reaming pen. 800/729-3878;

Mansfield Plumbing one-piece toilets 

One-piece Aegean toilet from Mansfield Plumbing features a molded base and tank for easier cleaning and installation, elongated front bowl and color-match SmartClose seat. Model 705NS offers 1.6 gpf while the ADA Model 708 delivers 1.28 gpf and has a 16 5/8-inch SmartHeight bowl. Both models include high-performance MagnaFlush technology, 2-inch glazed trapway, 3-inch flush valve and pilot-operated anti-siphon fill valve. Colors include white, biscuit and bone. 877/850-3060;

Coxreels Brawny hose reels option

The Brawny hose reel option from Coxreels, available for most 100 Series reels, adds drum strength, minimizing potential damage under increased or pulsating pressure. The 100 Series reel can be mounted to the floor, wall, ceiling, bench or truck. Made of steel for strength and durability, it has a U-shaped frame with two-point axle support for stability during operation. 800/269-7335;

The Dirty Bird visible septic vent 

The visible septic vent from The Dirty Bird is EPA compliant and is available in different colors and styles, including a bird bath, sundial, garden globe or potted plant. The vents fit 4- and 6-inch Air-Vac systems and wellheads. The vent is 32 inches high, 23 inches wide at the base and has a 12.25-inch footprint. Each vent is made of UV-stabilized low-density polyethylene. 866/968-9668;

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