Hydronic Heating - Shark Bite Radiant Heating Manifold

With no fitting assembly required, the Shark Bite Radiant Heating Manifold is designed to reduce installation time and optimally distribute fluid throughout circuits in a closed-loop heating system. The manifold ensures that flow to each circuit is precisely regulated and also controls the shut-off, displays temperature and allows for removal of air from the system. Fluid is heated by a water heater or boiler and distributed by the manifold throughout the different PEX pipe circuits. The manifold has a 1-inch FNPT inlet and features integrated 1/2-inch connections on the loop ports that make connecting the loops to the manifold significantly easier and faster than alternative connection methods. The system achieves maximum energy efficiency with low-temperature water that heats specific flood spaces to 87.5 degrees F or below, ultimately saving up to 20 percent in heating energy costs. They are available in three- to 13-port configurations. 877-700-4242; www.cashacme.com.


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