Taking the Steps to Get on Social Media

Don’t jump right in — take your time with social media and learn how it will work for your company.

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Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and other social media — they can all be annoying, time consuming and distracting, but if you use them correctly, they can be a useful tool.

More and more companies that we are profiling in Plumber magazine are telling us that many of their interactions with customers start because of social media. Either the customer sees a post on something like Facebook and reaches out or they see other “friends” recommending the company for work.

Kim Yeagley, owner of Gold Canyon Plumbing, profiled in this issue is well-versed in social media. She is active on TikTok and Instagram, promoting what her company does and how she does some of the work as well. While doing so, she has amassed a large following in both social medias, but it took some time and effort to build up her following.


Just like when you’re starting a new plumbing job, you start your social media goals from scratch. That means planning what the outcome will be, figuring out what you need to get the job done and assigning the tasks.

First, decide on which social media platform you want to start with. I recommend not starting too many at once. Begin with one or two and work with those for a while before adding others. It may not seem like it but devoting the time to stay up with postings on social media can be daunting at times, especially with an already busy schedule of running a plumbing company.

Select a username that will be easy for others to find you. Examples could be your company name or your company name and city: “Joe’s Plumbing” or “Joe’s Plumbing San Francisco.” Now, find a profile picture that shows what you do, whether it be your company’s logo, a nice photo of your truck or van or a picture of you holding a wrench.


Now that you have your social media account started, it’s time to start posting. The key here is to post consistently. I’m not saying you should be posting daily — that can be a bit too much. Start off posting two to three days at week and see what that does for your page. It’s going to take some experimenting to see what works for your followers.

When posting, be sure to use correct grammar and be clear in your postings. The worst thing you can do is turn someone off because they can’t understand what your social media post means. The other advice here is keep your social media posts professional. Your accounts represent the company and what potential customers will see.


Now that you’re well on your way with your social media accounts. Don’t stop. I’ve visited several pluming company’s pages where they haven’t posted in years. You have to be committed to social media for it to work for the company.

If you are finding that you don’t have time every couple of days to post something, then come up with some ideas of things you can post ahead of time and schedule them. Most social media platforms allow you to schedule posts out weeks, months and even a full year ahead. That might be easier for you to keep up with it and with your own work.


Are you successful on social media? What tips would you have for other plumbing companies? Let me know by emailing me at editor@plumbermag.com.

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