Product Spotlight - July 2019

A good camera system must tick a lot of boxes: visibility, durability and, last but certainly not least, flexibility.

Unfortunately, it’s tough to fit all that into a single package, which is why a system that can easily thread house traps while delivering clear visuals over time is hard to come by.

Spartan Tool’s new TrapJumper system was engineered to “provide both flexibility to navigate tight trap-bends and strength to be pushed the distance,” says Mike Sekach, national sales manager. “We created the TrapJumper as a camera inspection system that meets the needs of drain cleaners who are jumping house traps on a regular basis. We like to refer it as the Swiss Army knife of cameras. Our target market for this unit is professional tradespeople who need a reliable push camera.”

“At only 26 pounds, the TrapJumper is a lightweight, yet heavy-duty camera solution,” Sekach says. “The TrapJumper is intelligently designed, with the sonde built into the camera. In similar camera systems, the sonde is built into the spring, which can hinder flexibility and exposes it to potential damage. The TrapJumper design gives the spring 360-degree-plus flexibility while protecting it from the elements and from damage, as the coil repeatedly flexes around the trap.”

Automatic software updates via a wireless connection make operation even simpler for technicians.

“We designed the TrapJumper as a result of many conversations with our customers. The overwhelming takeaway for customers was that they were looking for a solution to jump a house trap and other systems in the market simply couldn’t do it.”

The system cooperates with an exclusive app from Spartan Tool that allows GPS plotting, wireless connection, survey sharing, premade map overlays and compatibility with Google Maps, all for increased functionality and survey value.

“Compatible with the Explorer modular control box, the TrapJumper is flexible enough to handle the tight bends and curves of a commercial trap pipe, while still being strong enough to be pushed the distance — up to 130 feet. Simply put, this camera solves a problem in the industry: being able to navigate through the dreaded house trap,” Sekach says. “The TrapJumper was designed to do just that — jump traps. This is not the only application, as it can be used in day-to-day survey use. It has a lot of versatility.” 800-435-3866;


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