Spartan Tool’s locator meets the rigors of the job and allows you to locate virtually any pipe material. Besides drainlines, the Spartan locator enables you to map existing lines from other services to ensure your safety when digging. On-screen arrows and aural tones guide the operator to the line. Lines can be located using an inductive clamp, beacon (sonde) or passive (utility) lines. Combine the line location with the depth estimator function and you know just how much you will have to dig. See how the Spartan locator helped a company in Kentucky gain a customer for life.


A manufacturing plant in Kentucky was having a drainage issue. The plant was bought from a previous owner, so the current occupants didn’t have drawings of the sewer lines for the building. They did know that the system consisted of old cast iron pipes buried in dirt under 8 inches of concrete. The dirt was heavily compacted from years of heavy equipment being driven across the floor.

The company owner called Logan Higginson of A1 Septic Inc. and Plumbing Services. Higginson used his Spartan locator and Spartan camera system to survey the pipes. He discovered that the entire plumbing structure ran underneath the 7-acre building. He was also able to use the locator to pinpoint the location of the problem.


Scale buildup was causing debris to get caught in a pipe 7 feet underground. They needed to dig through the concrete and compacted dirt to get to to and replace the pipe. The job required trench boxes for safety due to pipe depth.

The owner was skeptical that A1 could tell him with such accuracy where the problem was. He agreed to have the work done, with the stipulation that he would pay for it the first time, but if A1 missed its mark, it would be responsible for additional expenses.


With the CEO and maintenance crew watching, digging started and A1 led them directly to the problem, including the accurate depth. “Having [them] looking over your shoulder and then hitting your mark is awesome,” says Higginson. “I wish we would have gotten into this a long time ago.”

 Spartan Tool knows your time is valuable. Time spent buying equipment, repairing equipment and training your employees is time you could be with a customer making money. That’s why Spartan is your one-stop shop for sewer and drain cleaning equipment. Our 30-plus territory managers cover the continental U.S. in trucks fully stocked with inventory, ready to deliver on site. Whether you need a new drain cleaning machine or have questions about troubleshooting, your territory manager is ready to help. Our durable equipment is built to handle the toughest jobs, and we want to make sure you are getting everything you can out of your Spartan machines.

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