Drain Work Keeps Auto Dealership Open

Emergency work for new customer generates loyalty, appreciation and repeat business.
Drain Work Keeps Auto Dealership Open
Campbell’s trailer-mounted Spartan Warrior water jetter (4,000 psi/18 gpm) made quick work of clogged lines that were threatening the operations of a local auto dealership.

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Clogged drains aren’t always an emergency. Sometimes they’re just an inconvenience. Sometimes it’s more serious.

“Sometimes customers think they have an emergency and they don’t,” says Scott Haymer, co-owner of Campbell Plumbing & Drain Cleaning. “If they have three toilets and only one’s not working, it’s definitely not an emergency.”

But when he received a call from a local car dealership with a backed up sewer line and no bathrooms in working condition, he knew the issue needed prompt attention. “When people can’t flush it’s a giant inconvenience, and no one likes to have any inconveniences in their life,” he says.

The manager of the dealership found Campbell through a simple Google search, and because the website looked professional he assumed they were, too. But he also expected immediate assistance.

Quick Response

“Most of our customers who have been customers of ours for a while are willing to wait, but the ones who don’t know us will just go to the next company in a Google search or the next company in the phone book,” Haymer explains. “They want you there as soon as possible to fix their problem as soon as possible.”

Haymer arrived on scene within a half-hour and noticed the water was backed up onto the floor in one of the bathrooms. From there, he says he got the lay of the land and tried to determine what was blocked up and where.

Once they had the clean-outs figured out, they were able to utilize a Spartan Warrior trailer jetter with a triplex ceramic plunger pump that delivers 4,000 psi at 18 gpm. After the water went down, a RIDGID camera was used to examine further.

The issue was caused by scale buildup inside the 4-inch cast iron sewer line, along with shop rags and paper towels that had been flushed down the drain. Haymer and his crew addressed the immediate issue and advised the dealership to stop flushing these types of items. They also informed the customer that the old sewer line would likely continue to wreak havoc until it’s replaced.

Additional Work

“At the end of the day, the manager was very pleased that we could get there so quickly and resolve the issue so quickly,” Haymer says. In some cases it’s important to be at the ready to take on emergency work and do a quality job in order to earn a new customer’s future business, and that’s exactly what happened in this case.

When they delivered on the initial emergency call, the manager at the car dealership was impressed enough to hire them to handle the replacement of the old sewer line.

Haymer laid out all possibilities, and because the dealership had recently invested in a new parking lot, a trenchless repair was found to be the best option. Campbell Plumbing & Drain Cleaning replaced the old 4-inch cast iron sewer line with 160 feet of new 6-inch pipe — all without tearing up the brand new lot.


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