Success and Growing From Your Own Experiences

Contractors can learn from and build upon things that get in their way as they operate a business

Running a company isn’t the easiest thing to do. You will likely run into many challenges along the way. Challenges like finding the right employees and finding customers are just a couple of the major ones.

So why start or run a company when you have challenges to face along the way? I’ve often asked that of contractors I’m interviewing for profiles and, surprisingly, the one answer I seem to always get is: “It’s the excitement you get from beating a challenge and knowing you’ve succeeded at doing something.”

The profile in this issue is a big example of a contractor overcoming challenges. Audrey Monell took over her family’s plumbing business just as the recession was hitting in 2008 and the company was shrinking because of it.

Monell didn’t give up. She fought through, and the company survived the downturn and came out of it stronger than ever.

How do you overcome some of the challenges you are going to face? By brainstorming and solving problems, critiquing yourself and your team, developing some resilience, and sharing your stories.


Finding a solution to a problem is the first step in building a strong company. First you learn that something went wrong, and then you begin to figure out why it went wrong in the first place and what can be done to fix it.

As an example, if you are having trouble finding that right employee, take a look at your ads and fine-tune them. Or if you are seeing your customer base drop, find out why. It could be the advertising you are doing; it could be bad reviews. Then find a way to solve those problems.


As tough as it might be, don’t shy away from critiquing yourself and your team. It is a big step in building and sustaining a successful business.

Critiquing yourself will help avoid repeating the same mistakes, provide insight on how to improve, and enable you to be better equipped next time the challenge comes up.

The more you experience challenges and how to resolve them, the more you train yourself and the people around you (your staff).


With some of these challenges you’re bound to come up against disappointment. An emotional roller coaster will never get you anywhere. The roller coaster will keep moving whether you are on it or not. Instead of being disappointed, focus and regroup, then do better the next time around.

Forget about things that are bad and move on. It’s the only way you’ll grow as a business owner. Most successful people have found ways to turn their challenges into successes. Their background stories reflect resilience. Just take a look at some of our past profiles and you’ll see that in many of them.


Sharing the challenges and failures you have come across will show others that you are human, resilient and ready for change.

Think about this: The main reason recent graduates are not hired immediately into top management is because experience hasn’t taught them yet. So take those challenges and stories and use them to improve yourself.

Sharing your story will also help others realize they can overcome their own obstacles.


Have you had to overcome challenges when growing your company? What kind? How did you overcome them? What did you learn? I’d love to hear more. Email me at or call 715-350-8436.

Enjoy this issue!


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