Pipe Rehab Specialist Helps Nullify Root Intrusion Issues for Pizza Restaurant

Scott Hooper of NTX Plumbing in North Dallas, Texas, got a call from a local pizza restaurant with a problem. They had a 40-foot cast iron pipe that was experiencing continued backups, forcing the restaurant to shut down operations until the clog was cleared and the pipe was draining again. The owner had tried three different drain cleaning contractors who said they’d solve the problem by cleaning the pipe. For for a few months the sewer drained, but then the roots grew back, plugging the line again. The three cleaning contractors offered no solution other than to jet the line.

After inserting his Pipe Lining Supply inspection camera in the line, Hooper realized he needed to educate the building owner about the root problems along with the scale building up on the pipe walls that the jetter didn’t remove. Showing the owner the problem in real time and offering a permanent solution gave the owner the confidence to hire NTX Plumbing to fix it. 

Hooper explained that NTX would remove the scale and roots with a Renssi high-speed cable machine with a Pipe Lining Supply camera attached to see what they were doing as they opened and descaled the pipe. Upon descaling, they found the bottom of the pipe was missing about 1 inch, which let the roots grow in unobstructed. The Renssi high-speed cable machine made quick work of the cleaning process. 

Hooper asked for help from a Pipe Lining Supply technical rep to decide which rehabilitation method would be best. The line had multiple tie-ins and went from cast iron to PVC pipe. The Quik-Coating process appeared to be the best choice, as the pipe bottom would need rebuilding and the PVC-pipe branch lines that tie-in the men’s and women’s bathrooms needed to be sealed to prevent root penetration. The crack was filled with the Quik-Coating resin system and then brush-coated to form a monolithic coating inside the pipe, giving it another 50-plus years of service. The resin is applied in coats building to a 3 mm thickness. 

Analyzing, cleaning, descaling and coating was accomplished overnight with no closure or disruption  to the restaurant. The owner was so pleased with the outcome that they asked NTX Plumbing to clean and coat the rest of the drain, waste and vent lines in the restaurant.

Pipe Lining Supply’s 15-plus years’ experience in the cured-in-place pipe industry makes them a proven leader with state-of-the-art pipe rehabilitation equipment and top-notch technical trainers. They offer not only pipe rehabilitation products from the kitchen sink to the main sewer, but also all pipe repair materials and training.  

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