Inhibit corrosion in a hydronic system

Inhibit corrosion in a hydronic system

Inhibit corrosion in a hydronic system

Corrosion can be a death knell to hydronic heating systems. The buildup of magnetite can reduce heat transfer and boiler efficiency substantially. That means higher heating costs for the homeowner and a shorter life span for their boiler. The MagnaClean Professional2XP from ADEY Innovation is designed to virtually eliminate the problem.

“Because of the unique design, and the fact that MagnaClean works completely independently of particle size, it’s able to deliver a 98 percent, first-pass, magnetite-filtration rate,” says Tom Tonkins, director of U.S. Business Development. “There is no reduction in efficacy, as magnetite is captured around the magnetic rod and remains in the canister, clinging to the sheath around it, until the rod is removed for easy cleaning.”

Ideal for 1-inch copper and 1 1/4-inch NPT iron pipework, the magnetic filter has a powerful neodymium magnet that captures and eliminates within minutes of its installation nearly all of the magnetite circulating in a system. The large-capacity canister also houses two nonmagnetic capture zones for larger circulating debris. It can be easily fitted on the return pipe to the boiler/circulator, and it has low-profile drain valves and built-in air vents for easier servicing.

“In the field, we’ve had contractors express surprise at how much magnetite they’re finding in the filter,” Tonkins says. “Most recently, a contractor who installed it on a professionally maintained system told us he didn’t expect to find any magnetite, but instead removed about 3/8 inch of accumulation both times he cleaned it. The ease of installation, with a typical install taking only a few hours, is also something contractors appreciate.”

In fact, the design of the filter has no moving parts. Instead, the filter works as water is forced in a cyclonic flow around the magnet simply by the shape and location of the inlet and outlet. Installation of the filter does not block or restrict flow, and pressure drop is minimal.

“It’s an absolutely essential component of any hydronic system installation with iron pipework — in both new and retrofit situations,” Tonkins says. “Since studies have shown that magnetite can reduce heat transfer to the home by as much as 15 percent and reduce boiler efficiency by up to 6 percentage points in only three weeks, removing it from system water is critical.” 844-378-0442;


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