Anua system is a predictive maintenance solution

Should a septic system be out of sight, out of mind? In a perfect world, the answer is yes. However, things do go wrong, and components fail. If it isn’t caught early, often a failing septic system component can lead to heavy damage, which means big bucks. So why not go predictive instead of reactionary?

The i/ system from Anua provides performance monitoring of electromechanical components while keeping both the homeowner and the installer and/or plumbing contractor connected to information through a simple, easy-to-use web interface. According to Colin Bishop, Anua’s president, the system is designed to prevent  “worst case scenarios.”

“For example, you see when a pump becomes clogged which can be addressed before it fails,” he says. “That way, you can react to the issue before you have a domino effect and the whole septic system fails.”

The system can be integrated to remotely monitor any blower, aerator, pump, float switch or motor, regardless of type or model. According to Bishop, the system takes readings from every electromechanical component of the wastewater treatment system to analyze for irregularities. Once it is installed, it provides measurement of various data points throughout the life of the system.

“That’s what makes this particular unit a good fit for any residential or commercial treatment system,” Bishop says. “Basically, it is going to take a reading from anything with a motor that you may want to monitor.”

It tracks water use, catches motor issues before failure, uses any mobile device or computer, and monitors any powered onsite system. According to Bishop, the device is going to save both homeowners and installers money in the long run.

“It serves as an insurance policy for the homeowner and as an extra line of defense for the installer,” he says. “For the installer, they will make less maintenance trips in the long run, while being able to keep track of things from their mobile device. The homeowner will appreciate that you are going that extra mile to make sure their system is operating properly.” 336-547-9338;


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