Focus: Commercial Plumbing/New Commercial Construction – Boilers and Pump Components

Focus: Commercial Plumbing/New Commercial Construction – Boilers and Pump Components
Harsco Industrial Patterson-Kelley P-K MACH ‘n Roll

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Harsco Industrial Patterson-Kelley P-K MACH ‘n Roll
The efficient P-K MACH ‘n Roll gas-fired, condensing domestic hot water and heating system boiler from Harsco Industrial Patterson-Kelley produces reliable hot water delivery without scale buildup, providing long-term value and reliability. It is ideally suited for commercial building applications such as schools, office buildings, apartments, hotels and offices. Models include the MR300 (300 MBTU), MR399 (399 MBTU), MR500 (500 MBTU), MR750 (750 MBTU) and MR1050 (1050 MBTU). 570/476-7310;


Pumps/Pump Components

Armstrong Fluid Technology E.2
The E.2 pumpless volute kit from Armstrong Fluid Technology is designed to upgrade, renew or replace all working parts of E Series model circulators. The kits are suitable for hydronic fluid and potable water applications and are compatible with the original E series. The kit includes a water slinger to protect the motor against water intrusion, a stainless steel shaft, seal, permanently lubricated bearings and bellows-style mechanical seal with silicon carbide wear surfaces. 800/356-9845;

Blue Angel Pumps AdvanTEXT
The AdvanTEXT cellular flood and sump pump monitoring system from Blue Angel Pumps notifies up to three people via text message of high water, power outage and when normal water levels have been restored. The system plugs into a GFCI outlet near the sump pit and is backed up by four AA batteries. Using M2M cellular technology, the system works without a landline, Internet or home Wi-Fi. A dual float system attaches to the discharge pipe in the sump pit. If water rises above the sump pump, the system sends out a text alert. If water continues to rise and lifts the second float, another text message is sent. The monitoring system includes a status light (solid green ready), low battery light (flashing), on/off/mute button, test button, float sensor light that blinks when activated, and lower and upper sensor lights. Combined with a battery-powered sump pump backup system, it provides around-the-clock monitoring and emergency backup. 800/237-0987;

Crane Pumps & Systems Barnes Fiberglass Lift Station
Pre-assembled Barnes Fiberglass Lift Stations from Crane Pumps & Systems provide a custom solution for applications ranging from residential, commercial, industrial construction, aged lift stations and housing developments. They are available in pipe rail simplex/duplex and hard piped simplex systems, and are offered in a wide range of sizes. Other selection options include simplex/duplex design, pump, cover and control panel. Stations can be purchased with or without a pump, and a selection of sewage ejectors, effluent, grinder or sump pumps are available. The online configurator tool and technical sales staff makes the configuration process easy to select the right components for each application. 937/778-8947;

Franklin Electric VR Series
VR Series vertical, stainless steel multistage pumps from Franklin Electric deliver clean water under pressure. These booster pumps are available in 792-, 1,321-, 2,378-, 3,963-, 5,283-, 7,925-, 11,888-, 17,171- and 25,096 gph options with a flow range up to 600 gpm and 750 feet total dynamic head. Each has all 316 stainless steel hydraulic components for durability, efficiency and performance in corrosive water applications. Impellers and diffuser stages are fabricated from heavy-gauge stainless steel. The oversized ball bearing/coupler assembly eliminates the need for stack height adjustment and supports the axial thrust load. The elimination of axial thrust allows the pumps to use industry-standard motors instead of the high-thrust motors. 800/701-7894;

Grundfos CU 352
The CU 352 intuitive graphical interface controller makes the Hydro MPC BoosterpaQ fully integrated and compact pressure-boosting system from Grundfos user-friendly while ensuring efficient operation. The system offers multiple configurations, with up to six pumps in parallel to accommodate water supply systems, as well as industrial and irrigation applications. Using actual pump-curve data, the intelligent controller helps to optimize energy consumption by controlling/staging the number of pumps in operation, as well as the speed of the individual pumps, in order to continually adjust the performance of the system to variations in demand. A large 3 1/2- by 4 5/8-inch intuitive color screen ensures easy operation, just as the startup wizard facilitates commissioning. The controller communicates via the most common Fieldbus protocols and has a built-in Ethernet connection, enabling remote access via a Web browser. 888/237-1960;

Reliance Detection Technologies RS-360 Plumbing Leak Protection System
The RS-360 Plumbing Leak Protection System from Reliance Detection Technologies automatically shuts off the water supply line if a leak is detected or the temperature dips to 45 degrees F. This easy-to-install wireless system includes onboard self-diagnostics for low battery and lost wireless communication, as well as visual wireless signal strength indication at the sensor to facilitate installation and support. Onboard battery backup provides up to 48 hours of ongoing protection during a power outage. Ideal for residential or commercial buildings, the unit includes a receiver, two wireless sensors, and a full-port, lead-free (ANSI 61/Annex G) valve in sizes of 3/4, 1, 1 1/4, 1 1/2 or 2 inches. Each system can accommodate up to 80 total sensors, with a range of up to 100 feet. A variety of accessories are available to customize installations, including an auto dialer that automatically calls up to nine phone numbers whenever a sensor detects a problem. 888/771-4929;

SFA Saniflo Sanicondens Best
The Sanicondens Best condensate water pump from SFA Saniflo incorporates a pH neutralizing granule tray that increases the pH of the acid water before discharging it to the drainline. With four inlets, the pump can accommodate multiple condensing mechanical systems, both residential and commercial, including boilers, water heaters, air-conditioning and refrigeration systems and other appliances. The built-in pump activates automatically and is designed to quickly remove condensate by pumping it upward to a drainage line where it can be carried safely away from the unit, through gravity. 800/571-8191;

Sump Alarm 2L
The weatherproof 2L outdoor high-water alarm from Sump Alarm is designed for simple and fast installation with no on-site wiring. Simply position the float switch, mount the head unit, and plug into an outlet. It has a 1-inch LED red pilot light visible from a distance with an integrated 90 dBA alarm and an always-on white light that indicates the pump has power. The unit is available with mercury-free float cords in 10-, 16-, 33- and 100-foot lengths, which allow it to be positioned near to a secondary power source in a highly visible area for line-of-site installations. It allows an owner to hear and see a high water level in septic tanks, lift stations and outdoor pump stations. Low-level models are available. It is available in 120 or 220 volt, completely pre-assembled, and is suitable for extreme temperatures. 314/787-8059;

Taco Viridian VR3452
The Viridian VR3452 high-efficiency wet-rotor variable-speed circulator for chilled and hot-water applications from Taco offers up to 34 feet of shut-off head and 52 gpm flow. All settings are accomplished with the user-friendly interface. The permanent magnet ECM motor saves up to 85 percent of the electrical energy compared to conventional pumps. The circulator offers auto mode (default), proportional pressure control, constant pressure control, constant speed and night setback turndown. The LED displays watts, flow and rpm. It’s available in 115 or 230 volts and has standard flanges for easy installation. The optional communication module provides Ethernet and Modbus RTU communication, analog control input 0 to 10 volts, three analog inputs/outputs, one relay output, and main and standby operation. It comes with an industry-standard flange. 401/942-8000;

Zoeller Pump Company Shark
The Shark grinder pump line from Zoeller Pump Company has cutter blades at the intake that grind all passing materials into fine pieces. The cast iron, automatic and non-automatic grinder pumps are available in 1/2 (803), 3/4 (805), and 1 hp (807) units, with integral vertical switch, non-automatic and preassembled package systems.800/928-7867;


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