A Solution For Accurate Pressure Testing

A Solution For Accurate Pressure Testing

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Despite the high risk associated with failure of a plumbing regulatory test, the methods and equipment used for that testing remain somewhat antiquated. Typical methods rely on analog gauges for pressure measurement and human operators to conduct the test and interpret the results correctly. There are no tangible records beyond the required signoff of a permit line item, which means the liability burden falls on the plumbing contractor in the event of a plumbing failure.

To answer that issue, Presscision’s PPT product is a portable, digital test instrument that provides automated pressure and temperature testing for a multitude of industries, including plumbing, HVAC, gas utilities, fire suppression, medical gas and marine. It was designed to support regulatory testing of pressure, particularly tests that carry a high risk in the event of failure, such as fuel gas testing.

“The instrument’s automation imposes minimum requirements on the test pressure and test duration that are unique to each of the regulatory tests supported,” says Edwin Slate, founder and CEO of Presscision.

The instrument is a modular system for the automated testing of pressure and temperature. It combines accurate, certified sensors with modern computer technology to provide reliable, automated and fully documented testing of plumbing installations. All tests generate a comprehensive test record that is stored in permanent, tamper-proof memory. Test reports are automatically generated for each test and can be printed using the built-in thermal printer. The instrument is easy to set up and operate thanks to the integrated color touch-screen display and intuitive, menu-driven user interface.

The instrument is comprised of a universal base unit and measurement-specific sensor pods. Sensor pods are available for pressure measurement to support regulatory testing of natural gas and propane installations, water supply lines, drain waste vents, fire suppression systems, med gas installations and radiant heating/cooling systems. Sensor pods are also available for water temperature measurement to support plumbing fixture hot-water temperature testing and documentation. While the product is relatively new to the market, Slates says that feedback has been promising.

“Comments are mainly focused on the ease and speed at which the instrument allows regulatory pressure tests to be conducted, as well as the bulletproof data trail that is created with each test,” he says. “Several customers have remarked, ‘It makes pressure testing a crystal-clear process.’” 774-521-9132; www.presscision.com.


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