Not Your Typical Plumber’s Snake

Pair of pythons slither into toilets; rat-like creature creates social media buzz
Not Your Typical Plumber’s Snake
Elliot Budd photo via Facebook

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You’ve perhaps seen or heard of actor Samuel L. Jackson’s blockbuster movie Snakes on a Plane, but have you ever been called for a plumbing job that involved snakes in a toilet?

Such was the case for Elliot Budd, a snake catcher in Queensland, Australia. According to a CNN report, Budd received two calls to remove non-venomous carpet pythons this month that had slithered their way into toilets.

“The first snake was 3 meters long (9.8 feet), and the second one was 2.4 meters (7.8 feet),” Budd told CNN. “The first one I got, the house was being renovated, so it was a few tradesmen working that came across it. I was definitely a bit surprised it was in the toilet.”

The snake had a firm grip on the S-bend, so Budd had to unbolt the toilet to remove the reptile.

Two weeks later, Budd thought he was being pranked when another homeowner called with the same problem.

“At first, I thought maybe somebody was just having a joke after the first one,” he says. “I didn’t think I’d see two of them in the toilet. The lady very much wanted to get it out.”

The region is in a dry spell and Budd believes the snakes are trying to find water. It’s also mating season and the snakes are likely crawling through open doors and windows.

“I’m not a plumber, but it’s very unlikely for them to come up through the pipes,” he says.

Is it a rat? Is it a squirrel?

In Clinton, Mississippi, a rat-like creature created a stir on social media earlier this month when Carole-Anne Morris posted a picture on a local Facebook page.

“I don't want to frighten anyone or cause mass panic, but I have to ask this question. Has anyone ever had one of THESE come up into their toilet from the pipes? Because this past Friday morning, I did .... I need comfort and empathy ...,” she wrote.

Morris and her husband, Ron, found the creature after returning home from their honeymoon.

“First, I have to say that it looks larger in this picture than it actually was. I thought that it was a rat,” she said. “Ron used a shovel to scoop it out. It had a somewhat bushy tail, but not squirrel-bushy. I am honestly not sure exactly WHAT it was. It was dead when I found it.”

Local plumbers told WJTV News in Clinton it’s not unusual for rodents to creep inside a home.

“I’ve camera drained lines, I’ve seen rats in there, but I’ve never actually seen one live in someone’s house,” said Wesley Brisendine with Brad Rodgers Plumbing and Gas.

Some say the animal may have gotten in through the sewer or could have been in the home and got trapped inside the bowl and poisoned when it was searching for clean water.

“I’ve seen it with squirrels before falling down the air vent stacks on the roof top and getting down into the bottom of the plumbing of the slab,” said Richard Parker with Skeen Plumbing and Gas.

It was suggested homeowners install a check valve to prevent pests from entering through the sewer. What do you think?

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