Focus: Pipeline Rehabilitation and Repair — TV Inspection

Focus: Pipeline Rehabilitation and Repair — TV Inspection
The Viztrac II AM240-200 pipe inspection camera from Amazing Machinery.

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Good inspection work is the foundation of pipe rehabilitation and repair. Accurately diagnosing the problem will help you select the best course of action and ensure everything is in proper order when the work is done. The following cameras and equipment will help you diagnose any problem.


Amazing Machinery Viztrac II AM240-200

The Viztrac II AM240-200 pipe inspection camera from Amazing Machinery has 200 feet of durable 1/2-inch push cable with fiberglass rod inner core, a 20-inch cage reel and attached water-sealed case containing the controls, a high-resolution 7-inch LCD monitor and wheels to increase mobility. It also has a 1-inch powder-coated lay-flat frame with upright rolling stand; a 1 3/8-inch O.D. metal camera housing; nine dimmable high-output 5 mm LED lights; high-resolution color camera with a self-leveling head; scratch-resistant sapphire glass lens; high-grade 512 Hz sonde locator with an average range of 12 to 15 feet; and an integrated digital video recorder with remote control, compatible with most standard SD cards. 800/504-7435;

CPI Products TrapMaster

The TrapMaster from CPI Products allows for most standard push camera systems to negotiate traps, bends and corners in 4- to 6-inch pipelines while centering the camera at all times. It enables inspection cameras to negotiate through 180-degree P-traps. Eight wheels are mounted on two separate skids spaced roughly 2 inches apart. The front section mounts to the camera head while the rear mounts at the optimal spot along the camera head or spring push cable. Each section of the skid has four rocking SeamLeapers that swivel back and forth and adjust to various radiuses in the pipe, allowing for wheel contact and maneuverability. 413/443-0925;


CUES TV/Cutter Inspection Truck

Made to withstand severe conditions and ergonomically designed for comfort and efficiency, CUES truck-mounted systems can include TV inspection equipment for sewer/storm/potable waterlines, mainline joint or lateral sealing, and lateral reinstatement cutters for the relining industry. Custom TV/cutter inspection trucks are available with Schwalm self-propelled cutters, which include full capabilities for reinstating lateral services, removal of protruding taps, brush finishing existing cuts, and pre- and post-TV inspection. 800/327-7791;

Envirosight JetScan Mini

Deployed in pipes 6 to 10 inches in diameter, the JetScan Mini video nozzle from Envirosight gives sewer cleaning crews the visual feedback they need to select the proper tools, troubleshoot backups, identify buried safety hazards and document successful cleaning. It captures HD video footage from underground pipes for offline tablet viewing, recording up to eight hours of 720p HD MPEG video to an onboard 32 GB SDHC memory card. The card is easily removed to view video on an iPad or other SDHC-compatible device. Twin high-output LED lamps ensure bright, vivid footage and rechargeable lithium-ion batteries provide up to four hours of continuous operation. It is available as a complete system, or the stand-alone 6-inch nozzle can be purchased separately for use with an existing JetScan. 866/936-8476;


Forbest Products Easy Carry

The Easy Carry 1/4-inch 130-foot cable and reel with footage camera from Forbest Products allows users to have the option of using thicker portable push cable in sewer/drain lines, which makes it rigid enough to be easier to push along the line. It comes with a high-resolution 1-inch metal color camera head with 12 LED lights. With the iron stand, the operator can pull out the cable without carrying the cable reel. The heavy-duty waterproof portable small-size control box includes a 7- or 10-inch LCD color screen with USB and built-in SD card to record photos and videos. On-screen status indicators include footage of the cable pushed through the pipe. The rechargeable battery lasts about three hours. 650/757-4786;

General Pipe Cleaners Gen-Eye SDP Premium 

The Gen-Eye SDP Premium video inspection and location system from General Pipe Cleaners has a sunlight-readable screen, four-hour rechargeable battery and a Wi-Fi transmitter in a compact, portable package. Its large 10.4-inch LCD sunlight-readable screen makes is easier to see the screen while doing inspections in bright sun. A built-in four-hour rechargeable battery enables remote applications far from a power source. A panel indicator signals when the battery is running low. The Wi-Fi transmitter sends video to a smartphone or tablet. A free app lets the operator easily view and record video inspections at a range of up to 500 feet. Its built-in waterproof keyboard permits nine pages of on-screen titling in wet environments. The integral SD recorder records video or still images, and stores as much as 32 GB of data on one card. The unit is stored in a heavy-duty Pelican case. Use the docking arm to mount it on a full-size reel to troubleshoot 3- to 10-inch lines, or on a mini-reel for 2- to 4-inch lines. It comes with a built-in voice-over microphone with switch, LED dimmer control, camera test port, video and audio out connections for external recording devices, and AC and DC power cords. 800/245-6200;


Pipeline Renewal Technologies JetCam 40

The JetCam 40 from Pipeline Renewal Technologies uses high-pressure water for propulsion, steering and cleaning as it captures live inspection video from inside lateral lines. It’s able to traverse multiple bends in pipe, steer through branches and levitate above debris to help municipal contractors and commercial plumbers locate failed pipes, cross bores and blockages, as well as perform cleaning. Six propulsion nozzles generate the power needed to pull its own flexible hose through multiple bends, and a side nozzle on the camera can be aimed to steer through diverging pipes and hover past obstacles. An optional forward-facing nozzle can be pulsed to clear debris and other obstructions. The system works with any high-pressure water source, including pressure washers and combination trucks. Its 1/2-inch hose comes in lengths from 115 to 190 feet. 866/936-8476;

Radiodetection Corporation GatorCam 4 

The GatorCam4 pipeline video inspection system from Radiodetection Corporation has a ruggedized controller with an integrated lithium-ion battery that removes the need for an external power lead. A push-button fuel gauge provides quick indication of remaining power even when the controller is switched off. It can be configured to suit most inspection requirements. A range of pushrods is available, from the extra-flexible 100-foot plumber’s reel up to the 500-foot extra-stiff rod designed to push for longer distances. Both 1- and 2-inch cameras are available which, when used with skids, can inspect pipes with diameters from 1 to 12 inches. 877/247 3797;


RapidView IBAK North America POLARIS

The POLARIS camera system from RapidView IBAK North America has a three-axis range of movement, making it effective for inspecting branching, small-diameter pipeline systems. The ability to pan and tilt is enhanced by the camera being mounted on a patented pivot arm, which allows the operator to choose direction while moving through the pipeline and encountering T’s and Y’s. It keeps the pipe in clear view on the monitor and allows for laser measurement of pipe diameter and other observations. It includes upright picture control, wide-angle view (plus-or-minus 120 degrees), LED lighting and low light sensitivity. 800/656-4225;

Ratech Electronics Elite SD Wi-Fi

The Elite SD Wi-Fi pipeline inspection camera system from Ratech Electronics records pipe inspections wirelessly to an iOS or Android device and takes live video and digital still photos that can then be immediately uploaded to YouTube. It doesn’t require USB thumb drives, SD cards or DVD discs. Download an app to an iPhone or iPad and stream the video wirelessly. The Wi-Fi interface is available on any current Ratech product or existing Ratech systems in the field and is available with a sun-readable 10-inch LCD monitor and either a self-leveling camera, small ultra micro camera or pan-and-tilt push camera. Systems come in cable lengths from 100 to 400 feet. 800/461-9200;


Rausch USA minCam Duo

The dual reel/camera combo minCam Duo push camera from Rausch USA integrates two pushrods and two cameras in a compact and easy-to-use system. It has built-in lithium-ion batteries, an integrated 8.4-inch sunlight-readable screen and a documentation system with video, photo and voice recording, on-screen distance counter and file management. Files are recorded to an SD card up to 32 GB. The camera has stainless steel housing, standard 512 Hz sonde and scratch-resistant sapphire glass lens. Each system comes with a camera for smaller pipes and one for larger pipes. 717/709-1005;

RIDGID camera and reporting monitor

The combination of the SeeSnake CS65 digital reporting monitor and SeeSnake Max rM200 camera system from RIDGID allows inspections to be quickly and easily documented and professional multimedia reports generated. The CS65 has a 6.5-inch daylight display, an integrated water-resistant keyboard and one-touch image and video recording to one or two USB drives and the built-in 1 TB hard drive. The user-replaceable hard drive can store 1,000 hours of standard video, 10,000 hours of Autolog or thousands of photos. At just under 10 pounds, the CS65 docks to the rM200 for easy transport and storage. It is capable of inspecting lines up to 200 feet in length and 1 1/2 to 6 inches in diameter. A self-leveling camera head provides a right-side-up view in even the most complicated lines. This system makes it easy to add custom text overlay and annotate inspection reports on the job. 800/769-7743;


RS Technical Services Private Eye 2 

The Private Eye 2 portable mainline inspection system from RS Technical Services can be used to assess 4- to 200-inch-diameter pipelines up to 1,000 feet in length. It has a 15-inch TFT LCD flat-screen monitor with sun shade, on-screen footage display, automated power adjustment and digital video recording capability. The command center is enclosed in a Pelican waterproof and crush-proof case that weighs 30 pounds. It is compatible with all RST cameras and tractors and compact portable reel loaded with single-conductor cable. Options include a DD Lite text writer and choice of data collection software. 800/767-1974;


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