Case Studies: Cutters Chew Through Root-Clogged Lines

Case Studies: Cutters Chew Through Root-Clogged Lines
Root cutter, camera assist in cleaning root-clogged lateral

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Root cutter, camera assist in cleaning root-clogged lateral

Problem: Ventura County, Calif., contractor From Sinks To Sewers was inspecting a lateral and found a massive amount of roots through its entire 60-foot length. The homeowner mentioned the lateral had always backed up, so for the past 10 years, he’d been snaking it with a 1/2-inch drum machine every four to six months.  

Solution: Using the RIDGID Root Ranger at 4.5 gpm and 3,000 psi, the plumber was able to remove all the roots in the clay lateral. Using a Mini Color SeeSnake during the jetting process allowed for exact root removal of specific troubled areas and verified the results to the customer.

Result: Dig and replace was often the only option for a root-infested sewer, but the Root Ranger allowed for a controllable measure against root stoppages. A neglected sewer lateral that had never been properly cleaned in the past 10 years was given a new start. 800/769-7743;

Cutter effective on roots in sewer system

Problem: In the city of Baton Rouge, La., roots are a major problem throughout the sewer system, which historically is the cause of many backups and overflows.

Solution: The city contracted with Video Industrial Services to clean the collection lines to mitigate their ongoing root intrusion problems using a variety of cleaning methods. One of the tools they utilize is the 906 jet root cutter motor and circular saw blades from Shamrock Pipe Tools, which enables them to clean 6- to 18-inch lines. The unit also supports a variety of other root removal tools such as concave, circular or cable-style cutters so the operator can adjust the tool to fit the cleaning requirements easily.

Result: Since Video Industrial Services began their cleaning and root removal work on the collection system lines, there has been a noticeable reduction in blockages and overflows. 800/633-7696;


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