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Drain Cleaning
Compact, lightweight jetter saves contractor time, trouble and money

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Compact, lightweight jetter saves contractor time, trouble and money

Problem: Craig Casteen of Casteen Plumbing & Repair in North Carolina faced working in a residential crawl space that didn’t allow much room to work. He needed a jetting unit compact enough to get into tight areas, and powerful enough to dislodge blockages from small lines.

Solution: Casteen chose the lightweight JM-1000 Mini-Jet from General Pipe Cleaners. The compact, electric-powered unit lets him clear grease, sand and ice from 1 1/2- to 3-inch lines up to 50 feet long. Its 1,500 psi of cleaning power hits soft stoppages with high-pressure, wall-to-wall water streams, flushing them away. Pulse technology helps slide the hose around tight bends and down lines. It breaks the initial tension between the hose surface and pipe walls, increasing cleaning power. Weighing 23 pounds, the JM-1000 is easy to carry. Casteen notes that the unit is “lighter than my tool bag” — and ideal for one-man operation.

Result: Casteen used the unit in the crawl space to quickly clear the blockage. “The JM-1000 is perfect for spot-clearing kitchen stoppages,” he says. “The compact size makes it great for one-man operation, and it’s perfect for much of the work I do!” 800/245-6200; www.drainbrain.com.

Compact jetter helps company overcome the hassle of city parking

Problem: Bob Oates Plumbing, Sewer and Rooter in Seattle, Washington, had regular issues working in urban areas, where space was at a premium. “In high-density populated areas, most customers have two or three cars, so in the front of customers’ homes there is limited street parking,” Bob Oates says.

Solution: The company began using the Brute Jetting System from JETTERS NORTHWEST to have a flexible, plug-and-play alternative to its fleet of trailer jetters. “The Brute Jetting System allows me to pull up with one vehicle and eliminates the need to disconnect a trailer and park the service van elsewhere,” Oates says. “It offers the convenience of being mounted in a truck or van, with the power (12 gpm at 3,000 psi) of a trailer jetter.”

Result: Oates is now able to save on the initial cost of building a custom skid-mounted jetter and valuable time on the job site. 877/901-1936; www.jettersnorthwest.com.

Cable machine quickly dispatches blockage causing backup

Problem: A residential customer in Indianapolis, Indiana, was experiencing a backup caused by paper and minor root intrusion that left several inches of sewage in the basement. The homeowner called Hamm and Sons. Its technician, Dave Depew, was dispatched to open the blockage.

Solution: Depew determined he would need to build up a platform to keep his Spartan Tool 1065 out of the water to avoid electrical shock hazards. After locating the 4-inch clean-out in the floor, Depew quickly cleared the blockage. The 1065 had more than enough cable and power to quickly eliminate the paper and roots that had caused the backup.

Results: While the homeowner had a major cleanup project, he was thankful Depew was able to respond quickly and remedy the problem. 800/435-3866; www.spartantool.com.


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