Becoming the Teacher Can Have Benefits for Your Company

Apprentices are that next line of plumbers making their way up the ladder, make sure they have the tools to be successful.

Last month I focused on how to get the next generation — middle and high school students — interested in the plumbing industry. This month, I want to talk about the group after them.

The men and women that are just starting out with your company and will need the guidance you can provide. Yes, I’m talking about the apprentices.

I’ve seen social media posts stating that the apprentices are just there to help carry the heavy equipment or do the dirty work. In reality, they are there because they love this industry as much as you do and want to learn to be a great plumber.

Don’t give them that job of running to the truck every five minutes for parts, let them get the hands-on work that they want. Be there next to them talking them through the work or letting them know if they are doing something correctly, or wrong.

Daniel Bearden, whose company is profiled in this issue, started off as an apprentice and appreciates that to this day, crediting the companies he worked for making him the plumber he is today with a successful company just outside of Atlanta.

Bearden is now teaching an apprentice of his own who is almost done with his work and will need to bring on someone new soon. He’s taken pride in teaching that next generation of plumbers.

“I didn’t expect to enjoy watching him learn, but he’s excited about the trade and it’s a joy watching him come into his own,” Bearden says of his apprentice.

That is the type of excitement each of you should have as you teach anyone about this industry. If you aren’t, are you really teaching the right way?


A lot of the work that Bearden and his company handles is residential work, which just happens to be one of the editorial focuses of this issue too. I know most of you do residential service, repair and installation work.

It can be stressful at times dealing with homeowners day in and day out, but it’s that is likely where most of your revenue comes from.

Take a look through our Product Focus this month and check out some of the newest and updated equipment and tools on the market for residential plumbing work. Maybe there is something in there that can help you do the job better or faster for a customer?


What is the biggest thing you learned as an apprentice that you carry with you today or what have you learned while doing residential plumbing work? I’d love hearing from you. You can email me at or calling 715-350-8436.

Enjoy this issue!  


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