Advanced Treatment Units - Anua PuraSys sequencing batch reactor

The Anua PuraSys sequencing batch reactor ships in a boxed kit that can be installed in hours in any standard septic tank, requiring no additional space. The kit includes a control panel, floats, pre-drilled siphon pipe, PVC pipe stands, siphon/sludge pump, aerator and a drainfield pump. It can be used for new construction or be retrofitted into existing tanks to renovate biologically failed trenches or sand mounds. It uses a batch process where the treatment steps are done in a timed, sequential manner. The process is energy-efficient since treatment occurs as needed, using intermittent aeration, mixing and settling. It is certified to NSF/ANSI 40 Class I and to NSF/ANSI 245 (nitrogen reduction). Residential and commercial configurations are available. 336-547-9338;


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