Case Studies - December 2020

Case Studies - December 2020

Bathtub shut-off valve saves water damage and energy

Problem: Forgetful guests in a high-end casino resort hotel allowed bathtubs to overflow and cause damage in suites below. The Bellagio in Las Vegas was suffering substantial damage to suite decor, as well as inconvenience and damage to guest’s property as a result of bathtubs being neglected and overflowing. The incoming flow rate was too great for the normal overflow outlet to deal with, and floods were very common at certain times of the year. Even when the overflow could deal with the incoming water, the water and the energy used to heat it were being wasted.

Solution: Flowban from Aqua-Rex is an entirely mechanical shut-off valve that closes off the supply to the faucets and won’t reset itself until the faucet has been closed. It uses magnetically activated flap valves linked to a float set in a chamber below the overflow outlet. The movement of the float forces the flap valves into the water flow, closing off the supply. Water pressure keeps the valve closed until the faucet is manually turned off. A small dribble of water out of the faucet prompts an intuitive reaction to close it down, thus resetting the valve. It requires zero maintenance, servicing or electrical supply.

Result: Bathtub overflows are a thing of the past in the Bellagio suites where Flowban is installed. Flood damage no longer occurs. The value of the product is not limited to high-end casinos. At the other end of the social scale, Flowban is now standard equipment in Mercy Housing accommodations for the disadvantaged. 877-640-2170;

Apartment complex decreases property water usage by 51%

Problem: Vesta Capital, a real estate investment firm, set a goal to improve property return on investment and increase cash flow in Waterford Apartments, one of their multifamily properties in Tulsa, Oklahoma. After partnering with a local water conservation service provider, an initial property assessment was performed on the property that identified old and outdated plumbing fixtures as a major source of utility expense.

Solution: To combat those excessive costs, Vesta Capital removed the inefficient plumbing fixtures and installed new, ultra-high-efficiency products in all 416 units of the property. Niagara’s Original Toilet with Stealth Technology replaced existing 3.0 gpf toilets on the property. Vacuum-assist Stealth Technology flushes using 0.8 gallons of water without being prone to leaks. Unlike the typical flapper-style toilet, Niagara toilets require less maintenance and have a powerful, silent flush that cleans the bowl every time and delivers savings. Niagara’s 1.25 gpm Earth Showerhead replaced the existing 2.4 gpm showerheads in each unit, and 0.5 gpm Niagara aerators replaced 1.5 gpm aerators in bathrooms. Niagara’s 1.5 gpm Kitchen Pulse Valve aerators replaced outdated 1.85 gpm aerators in kitchens.

Result: Within a month after the install, the readings on Waterford’s five meters indicated a 51% water reduction, putting the property on track to save nearly 6.8 million gallons of water and over $79,000 in utility spend annually. 800-831-8383;


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