Case Study - November 2020

Case Study - November 2020

Water shut-off valve saves thousands in property damage after contractor mishap

Problem: Doug Miller’s contractor accidentally snapped the 3/8-inch copper pipe to the toilet water supply when pulling Sheetrock off the wall during a bathroom remodel in his Needham, Massachusetts, home. As water gushed out of the broken pipe, the workers couldn’t locate the main water shut-off to the house and eventually closed a valve to the water heater that they thought was the main.  

Solution: Miller had the Smart Water Valve+Meter installed in his home before the project started. The device detected the excessive water flow and automatically shut off the water less than a minute after the accident, preventing extensive property damage. Designed and developed by Building36, the Smart Water Valve+Meter combines technology with high-quality plumbing hardware to quickly detect leaks, ranging from burst pipes to slow drips, and immediately alerts the property owner. As part of a Building36 smart home solution, it can use information from other connected devices to understand if water use is unexpected, like when the property is unoccupied. 

Result: Equipping his home with the Smart Water Valve+Meter saved Miller an estimated $15,000 in damage repairs by quickly shutting off the water. 781-474-0500; 


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