Focus: Fixtures, Tools and Supplies — Cutters

Focus: Fixtures, Tools and Supplies — Cutters
The Exact PipeCut system from Exact Pipe Tools.

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Exact Pipe Tools Exact PipeCut
The Exact PipeCut system from Exact Pipe Tools has six saw models designed to cut steel, plastic, copper, cast iron, stainless steel and multilayer pipes. Model 170E is made to cut pipe from 0.6 to 6.7 inches O.D. (steel wall 0.31, plastic wall 0.55 inches) while model 360E, the largest saw in the line, cuts 3- to 14-inch pipe (0.4-inch steel wall, 1.5-inch plastic wall). Model 170E has a variable-speed motor, no-load speed of 1,600 to 3,500 rpm and weighs 12 pounds. Model 360E has a two-stage motor control (2,900 and 3,900 rpm) with overload protection and weighs 30 pounds. Models 280E and 360E can also be connected to a shop vacuum to collect plastic chips and reduce cleanup time. The saws have a clamping mechanism that enables them to deliver precise, straight cuts, leaving pipe ready for welding or joining. A 4-inch-diameter pipe with 1/4-inch wall can be cut in less than 20 seconds. Each saw comes with a set of pipe supports that can be placed on the ground or other level surface. Pipe is set on the supports and the saw is rotated around the pipe while cutting. 844/392-2800;

Guardair Allpax Gasket Cutter
Allpax Gasket Cutter extension-style kits from Guardair Corporation can be used to repair various piping systems, including steam, water and air lines, and hydraulic cylinders, pumps, valves and pneumatic components. The kits are designed to meet varied needs with heavy-, medium-, light-duty and compact options. The heavy-duty kit has a premium brass cutter block with contoured edges to minimize gasket material buckling and ensure precision cuts. The ergonomic design offers a secure, comfortable grip while the easy-to-read, engraved precision scale ensures accuracy. The sliding, knurled nut adjusts cutting radius while the chrome-plated steel extension bars provide for cuts up to 61 inches in diameter. Hex screws hold the cutting blade for cuts up to 3/4 inch in depth. The 18- by 18-inch cutting board has a plastic nonslip, textured surface that reduces blade friction, minimizes breakage and self-heals after each use. 800/482-7324;

Makita EK6101
The EK6101 14-inch 61 cc power cutter from Makita U.S.A. has a cutting depth of 5 1/8 inches. Weighing 19.6 pounds, it has a no-load speed of 9,850 rpm. Sliding front engine mounts help absorb vibration by detecting when cutting pressure is applied. Rated at 97 decibels, the tool cuts metal decking, angle iron, I-beams, cast iron pipe, brick/masonry, stone/concrete blocks, rails, road curbs and asphalt. 800/462-5482;

Southland Tool hydraulic cutting motor kit 
High-torque, powerful hydraulic cutting motor kits from Southland Tool come with a motor that produces 225 pounds of torque. It is heavy-duty and suggested for tap cutting and cement and calcium carbonate removal. It comes with a set of heavy-duty saws that are 3/16-inch thick. Its four EZ skids are single piece and easy to use. The arbor tool can turn the motor without taking off the saw. 714/632-8198;

TRY TEK Trydent 80
The Trydent 80 small-pipe cutting system from TRY TEK Machine Works allows reinstatement of interior or exterior relined pipes from 3 to 6 inches in diameter. Operators can access pipe systems through clean-out ports or rooftop vent pipes. Buildings where tenants or operations cannot be disturbed are ideal prospects. It can be used to reinstate an entire vertical waste pipe from a single access point. Its small, powerful cutting head can maneuver around 90- and 45-degree elbows and navigate multiple bends and turns. Its reach extends up to 100 feet and its narrow 23-inch width enables easy access through doorways. It can be used to reinstate lateral waste pipes connected to the sewer main at ground or basement level. 717/428-1477;


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