Custom Coffee Tables Showcase Plumbing Fittings

Custom Coffee Tables Showcase Plumbing Fittings

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A couple of pieces of furniture in the Lehman Pipe and Supply offices in Florida qualify as truly unique.

They’re custom-made “Viega tables,” created from a large variety of Viega fittings. A MegaPress Stainless table is stationed at the Pompano Beach location, and a ProPress Copper table is on display in the Miami office. Both pieces showcase an array of Viega fittings, and both are big conversation pieces.

“People always say, ‘That table is incredible — can you make me one?’” says Josh Aberman, executive vice president of Lehman. “They’re absolutely amazing.” 

But the tables are not something that can be ordered or purchased. They are each one-of-a-kind showpieces created by Viega District Manager Will Schott when Lehman built a new facility and commissioned something to show off Viega parts. 

“A few years ago, we commissioned [another manufacturer] to make a coffee table for our Miami branch,” Aberman says. “The table is annealed stainless steel with grooved connections, and we get a lot of compliments on it. When building our new facility, we wanted to do something similar in our reception area and decided a coffee table would be ideal. Will ended up creating an incredible work of art.”

Aberman says the MegaPress Stainless is “aesthetically pleasing,” and because Lehman has been promoting press fittings for fire-protection lines, the table includes some press-by-female tee fittings with sprinkler heads added.

“The copper table really showcases the diversity of the product line,” Aberman says. “There are press fittings, flanges, unions, ball valves and even a PEX bottle opener. Honestly, I was ready to take the copper one home and put it in my house.”

Schott estimates that it took him about 40 hours to make each table. The feet are made of flanges. The MegaPress table uses polished 304 stainless Schedule 10 pipe, while the ProPress table is made of 1-inch type K hard copper.

The impressive list of fitting varieties used, particularly in the copper table, includes tees, elbows, double drop elbows, couplings and unions. Schott says he saw the tables as an opportunity to put the Viega catalog on display by using as many different pieces as he could manage, hoping to catch the eye of the customer.

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