See the Latest Wastewater Treatment Equipment at WWETT 2016

Discover how new technology can take your plumbing business to the next level.
See the Latest Wastewater Treatment Equipment at WWETT 2016

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Plumbers and drain cleaners looking to expand their business or get a leg up on the competition will want to explore the latest products and technology at the 2016 Water & Wastewater Education, Treatment & Transport (WWETT) Show Feb. 17 through 20 in downtown Indianapolis.

Covering 540,000 square feet of the Indiana Convention Center, WWETT attracted nearly 14,000 visitors from 53 countries in 2015 with 86 percent saying new products and technologies are the main reason they attend and keep coming back.

Here’s a look at some of the products that will be on display:



The retrofit Aerobic Remediator (ARU) from Aero-Stream helps restore failed systems and provides simultaneous nitrification/denitrification. The diffuser is designed to lower TSS and BOD and can be installed through a 3-inch opening. The UL-listed device induces oxygen directly into septic tanks, turning passive anaerobic environments into active aerobic environments. After conversion, the microorganisms reduce the organic matter in the tank by 80 percent and suspended solids by 60 percent. The cleaner effluent reverses the aging process and eliminates the clogging biomat. Within weeks, systems are restored to full functionality. 877/254-7093;; Booth 4225.

Septic Services 

The Retro-Air Rejuvenator System from Septic Services provides a complete drainfield rejuvenation system that can help return a failed septic system back to performance. It can be used in new or existing septic systems, and be installed in single- or multiple-compartment septic tanks. It helps eliminate clogged drainfield biomat, and is recommended in aeration systems that are prone to backup. It is quick and easy to install and requires minimal maintenance. The unit is available in several models to fit specific applications. 800/536-5564;; Booth 3118.



Airashell from Anua is a modular biofilter with a small footprint. The air treatment system removes a variety of noxious odor compounds and can handle high variability in compound concentrations. It is prepackaged with recycled seashells, which protects the environment while reducing solid waste. The seashell media acts as a host for biological activity and a catalyst for pH neutralization. Chemicals are not required, operation is easy and life-cycle costs are low. Applications include manholes, lift stations, wastewater treatment plants, sludge processing facilities, manufacturing facilities and solid waste or composting operations. 336/547-9338;; Booth 4200.

Eljen Corporation 

The GSF (Geotextile Sand Filter) from Eljen Corporation is a non-mechanical advanced wastewater treatment and dispersal technology that provides treatment and dispersal in the same footprint while keeping installations easy and maintenance minimal. Independent testing verifies that the unit’s performance is compliant with NSF/ANSI Standard 40 and provides advanced treatment of septic tank effluent to better than secondary levels. 800/444-1359;; Booth 4259.


The PL-250 effluent filter from Polylok is designed to handle up to 3,000 gpd with 250 linear feet of filtration. Like the company’s other filters, installation is easy. All filters are designed with functionality and longevity in mind. 877/765-9565;; Booth 2000.

Premier Tech Aqua 

The ready-to-use polyethylene Ecoflo Biofilter from Premier Tech Aqua integrates a 100-percent coco, renewable and recyclable filtering media capable of sustaining higher organic loads, making it 50 percent more compact than previous models. With a 600 gpd capacity, the 1,000-pound shell is easy to handle for a variety of machinery, and suitable for four-bedroom homes, small residential developments, small businesses and all site conditions, including high groundwater tables. Integrated dosing volume reduces the final footprint by eliminating excess tanks and lids. A complete maintenance program is provided by a network of local service partners. 604/346-8199;; Booth 4118.


Ecological Laboratories 

PRO-PUMP/HC liquid live bacteria from Ecological Laboratories is a blend of over 30 microorganisms selected for broad-spectrum application in industrial and wastewater treatment. Its performance results in the rapid breakdown and removal of fats, oils and greases that build up in septic tanks and absorption fields. It is a consortium of vegetative non-spore forming bacteria that exhibit performance in low-oxygen facultative anaerobic environments. Regular treatment eliminates surface solids, bottom solids and odor, satisfying customers and making pump-outs more cost effective. 800/326-7867;; Booth 5247.


Field and Line Cleaner from Lenzyme/Trap-Cleer effectively helps restore clay fields. It can be used in jetting machines to clean lines and leave a bio-coat in the line. It works on all septic systems, going to work immediately. The cleaning agents and strains of bacteria cleanse deeply into the field, helping to cause a disruption with crystalizing biomat or grease buildup. 800/223-3083;; Booth 3026.

One Biotechnology

One Biotechnology’s BioOne biological drain and septic system maintainer helps keep drains flowing freely, reduces odors and costly backups between pumping. It does not contain added enzymes or caustic agents, and does not emulsify FOG and move it down the line. It has met the EPA’s Safer Choice challenge, which means that every ingredient in the product has been reviewed by EPA scientists. Only products that meet their Safer Choice Standard, which includes stringent human health and environmental criteria, are allowed to carry the label. 800/951-4246;; Booth 1462.


Jet Inc. 

The J-500-800PLT plastic tank from Jet Inc. offers a lightweight alternative to concrete J-1500 Series BAT Media Plants. The tanks offer variable treatment capacity from 500 to 800 gpd. They are rotational molded out of lightweight polyethylene material to offer a seamless tank with strength and durability. They are easy to transport and install in difficult site conditions and are locally supported by a global network of trained and certified distributors. 800/321-6960;; Booth 2275.

Roth Global Plastics 

The MultiTank from Roth Global Plastics can be used as a water cistern, pump tank, holding tank, rainwater tank or septic tank. This is possible due to its special construction of an inner layer of FDA-approved virgin HDPE, two inside layers of PE for improved stability, plus one outer layer of black and UV-stabilized PE. 866/943-7256;; Booth 4124.


Orenco Systems 

Biotube ProPak pump packages from Orenco Systems are complete, ready-to-install pump packages in a box. They include a Biotube filter cartridge that filters up to two-thirds of solids. Only liquid from the tank’s clear zone is pumped, significantly reducing the load on the drainfield. Biotube filters are easy to remove and clean without pulling the pump vault. They can be used for filtering and pumping effluent from single- or dual-compartment septic tanks to gravity or pressurized discharge points. Their pump vault technology eliminates the need for a separate dosing tank, reducing system cost and footprint. 800/348-9843;; Booth 5231.



The Exterior Pump Control with exterior alarm from Septronics comes with a hand-off-auto switch. Turn the power to the pump totally off, run the pump manually with the flip of the toggle switch or put it on automatic to run via the float switch in the tank. Just plug in the pump and pump switch (single or double float). Wire up the automatic reset interior alarm to a low-voltage line to carry the alarm float information back to the main power supply along with the power line supply for the pump. It comes in a NEMA junction box that is pre-mounted on the pedestal. The unit includes a hook-up package for the tank. 888/565-8908;; Booth 2371.


The PS Patrol pedestal-style high water alarm system from SJE-Rhombus provides a convenient location to connect all wiring required for a pumping station application. Its receptacle accepts a 120-volt pump and piggyback pump switch. The sleek, angled design of the clear Type 3R enclosure includes a removable cover for easy access for field wiring. All internal components are sealed within the cover for protection from the elements. The red LEDs illuminate the top of the cover in an alarm condition for easy 360-degree visual identification. The controller accepts a 5-inch square plastic post or 4-inch pipe/conduit for mounting. 888/342-5753;; Booth 2305.

See Water 

The HLA Liquid Level Alarm Series from See Water includes the HLA type 1 indoor rated alarm, the HLA-4X indoor/outdoor robust alarm and the HLA-4X-X. Models range from two to 10 alarm points. The alarm panels are ideal for tank monitoring, sewage pump chambers, sump pump basins and other liquid level monitoring applications. They are UL-listed. 888/733-9283;; Booth 5429.

Treatment/Disinfectant Systems


The Hydro-Kinetic Bio-Film Reactor from Norweco is a high-performance, low-maintenance, no-energy solution to wastewater treatment. Its attached growth filtration media provides a level of wastewater treatment that exceeds U.S. and Canadian standards. It is installed after any onsite wastewater treatment system to produce a clear and clean effluent prior to discharge to an absorption area. The compact, one-piece design weighs less than 500 pounds and is easily transported and installed. 800/667-9326;; Booths 2456, 2457.

SludgeHammer Group Limited 

The S-800 aerobic bacterial generator from SludgeHammer Group Limited is certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 40 as an advanced treatment system for larger residential and commercial wastewater. High effluent quality allows for disposal with drip irrigation. Other models are listed with IAPMO to restore failed absorption beds. The unit allows introduced microbes to process waste in the septic tank; then the organisms migrate to and remediate clogged leachfields. Complete digestion reduces pumping and creates a healthy, porous biomat. It serves as an alternative to repairing or replacing failed absorption beds. 800/426-3349;; Booth 6169.

Presby Environmental 

The EnviroFin passive onsite wastewater treatment and dispersal system from Presby Environmental is designed with the same principles as Enviro technology. It is designed to ship easily and fit into a smaller space than the other Presby technology while maintaining high treatment levels. 800/473-5298;; Booth 6001.


The 3G UV Wastewater Disinfection Unit from Salcor is proven for residential, commercial and municipal uses. It is UL-certified NEMA 6P Floodproof and NSF/Washington State Protocol 6-month tested (with 21 upstream treatment systems). It inactivates pathogens, including superbugs. Rated at 9,000 gpd gravity flow, it is a reliable building block for large water recovery/reuse systems. When installed in 12-unit parallel/series arrays with ABS pipefittings, systems are disinfecting over 100,000 gpd. Gravity flow equalizes without distribution boxes. Identical modular units increase plant reliability and reduce the need for spare parts, facilitating plant expansion. Each unit has a foul-resistant Teflon lamp covering, 2-year, long-life lamp, speedy installation, minimal annual maintenance, and energy efficiency of less than 30 watts. 760/731-0745; Booth 3000.


Hedstrom Plastics 

Septic tank covers from Hedstrom Plastics help eliminate riser systems. Kits are available in 18 and 24 inches, and are made from polyethylene UV-protected material, yet are lightweight for easy instillation and transportation. They can be sand-filled or ordered foam-filled for additional strength. Gasket and safety screws come standard, along with optional custom nameplates for displaying a company name and number. 888/434-5891;; Booth 1319.


Roto-molded septic tank lids from RotoSolutions are manufactured from lightweight and durable materials for easy handling and transport. They are sold complete with hardware kits that include stainless steel components. The lids are sold in boxes of six and are made to fit 12-, 18- or the 24-inch I.D. corrugated pipe. They can be used with or without the sand-filled option. They are easy to ship and install. 800/868-0973;; Booth 4237


Tank risers from Tuf-Tite have internal supports or ledges to reinforce internal plastic safety lids. The ledges will strengthen the company’s plastic internal safety lids or a variety of internal safety devices made by others, such as concrete, fiberglass or rope netting. The riser lids come with all necessary mounting hardware including safety screws. 800/382-7009;; Booth 6108.


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