The RIDGID KJ-2200 water jetter propels a highly flexible hose through 1 1/4- to 6-inch lines, blasting through sludge, soap and grease blockages. As users pull the hose back, it power scrubs the line, flushing debris away and restoring drainlines to their full, free-flowing capacity. A working pressure of 2,200 psi and flow of 2.4 gpm provides fast, effective cleaning of lines. It comes standard with a 6.5 hp recoil-start gasoline engine for quick start and a FV-1 foot valve to make remote or indoor operation simple and convenient. The user controls the jetting action at the drain while leaving the jetter outdoors. Simply guide the hose into the drain while the thrust propels the hose down the line. Activate the pulse action to easily navigate difficult bends and traps. The optional H-30 cart makes for easy job site transport. 800/769-7743;

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