Case Study: CIPP renews lateral, spares landmark bridge

Case Study: CIPP renews lateral, spares landmark bridge
HammerHead Trenchless Equipment’s HydraLiner CIPP tools and consumables eliminated root problems in a century-old sewer lateral.

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The century-old wastewater lateral between the street and the motherhouse of the Dominican Sisters of Peace in Oxford, Michigan, was well past its life expectancy. Continued treatments for backups due to root intrusion in the lateral’s widening joints were becoming too much for the antiquated pipe to bear. 

The Waterworks, a residential and industrial plumbing firm based in Columbus, Ohio, proposed rehabilitating the lateral with cured-in-place pipe, which would create a durable, impervious pipe with improved flow. They could make the repair in a single shift at a fraction of the cost of open-cut replacement, which had been ruled out for a number of reasons, including the need to preserve a historic deck-arch bridge. 

Source One Environmental of Davison, Michigan, HammerHead Trenchless Equipment’s distributor of HydraLiner CIPP tools and consumables, provided The Waterworks with a Super Hydra Inversion Drum, electric wet-out table and lining trailer for the installation, as well as a water boiler. The CIPP consumables consisted of a felt liner, extended cure resin and extended cure hardener. 

During the inversion process, compressed air forced the resin-impregnated lining from a pressurized inversion drum into the existing pipe. Like a snake shedding its skin, the liner inverted itself, turning its resin-side out as it progressed through the drum’s nozzle until it reached the opposite end. Inversion took only 30 minutes to complete. 

The crew then inverted an inflation tube, a tubular bladder, inside the felt. Using heated water to activate the resin’s hardener also created hydraulic pressure that forced the lining smoothly and firmly against the sides of the pipe throughout the cure, which took just two and a half hours. 

Post installation video proved the liner held its shape, even bridging past fractures and joints, leaving no deformities. 

The new 8-inch CIPP rehabilitation has added at least 50 years to the lateral’s service life and ended any need to deal with root intrusion and backups until at least 2064. 800/331-6653;


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