Product Spotlight - December 2019

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As a plumber, time is your most valuable commodity. While camera inspections typically are not a major time consumer, reviewing and putting together reports based on your inspection results can be. The Pearpoint (USA) flexiprobe P540c portable push system from CUES aims to take many of those responsibilities out of the plumber’s hands.

The P540c system simplifies your operations by automatically creating a survey report, allowing the user to concentrate on other inspection tasks. It also allows the user to share reports quickly and easily via email or the Dropbox file-sharing service. Onboard Wi-Fi connectivity allows the user to use a smartphone or dongle as a hot spot, letting him or her immediately share a survey with a customer, manager or accounts department. Video footage can also be shared directly to a compatible device such as a customer’s phone or colleague’s tablet. This, along with the overall versatility of the camera, make it a suitable fit for plumbers.

“The P540c can be used not only by small plumbers who offer home-based inspections, but also by contractors who inspect mains that can be 12 inches in diameter,” says Adam Rosenquist, national sales manager for the CUES/Pearpoint Portable Products Division. “It was designed to meet the needs of the plumbing market who require versatility, ease of use and a competitive price.”

Engineered to provide all-day use in rugged conditions, the flexiprobe P540c offers a variety of rods for different applications. Not only can its upgraded command module produce automatic survey reports, but it can also be used on any of the six available push systems and be used continuously for up to five hours on a single charge. A choice of a 1- or 2-inch camera is available and can be used interchangeably between most systems. In addition, a built-in 512 Hz sonde is provided for locating purposes.

“The P540c system offers the flexibility of inspecting a wide range of line sizes, from 100- to 500-foot sanitary lines,” Rosenquist says. “It also has interchangeable sondes, and cameras, and a command module that can be used with any of the other reels. This flexibility allows plumbers to purchase one complete system, but use another reel without the need of buying an entire system.” 

According to Rosenquist, feedback on the system has been encouraging. “Customers appreciate the excellent image quality, ease of use and state-of-the-art technology,” he says. 800-327-7791;


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