Boost Your Water Jet Cleaning Power with a Stainless Steel Braid Hose

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Boost Your Water Jet Cleaning Power with a Stainless Steel Braid Hose

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Water jetters like General’s JM-1000 Mini-Jet and JM-1450 have become popular in the industry for their powerful cleaning power for clearing tough stoppages. Recently, General enhanced the performance and cleaning power of these machines by introducing its new, high-performance stainless steel braid jet hose in a variety of lengths.

The durable stainless steel braid makes it easier to slide the jet hose down 1 1/2- to 3-inch drainlines and more easily navigate tight bends, while the 3/16-inch Teflon core reduces flow resistance and improves small line cleaning power. The high-performance jet hose is available in 30-, 50- and 75-foot lengths.

Superb drain cleaning power and performance in one small package

The optional stainless steel hose increases the performance of compact, lightweight JM-1000 Mini-Jet. Clear grease, sand and ice from small lines, sinks and laundry drains with high-pressure, wall-to-wall water spray. JM-1000 clears clogs with 1,500 psi of cleaning power, yet weighs just 23 pounds. The pump and motor assembly are safely contained in a rugged diamond plate metal case.

Compact, portable and powerful

For larger lines and longer runs, the powerful JM-1450 Jet-Set electric water jet pulverizes clogs with a 1 1/2 hp sealed motor that drives a 1,500 psi, 1.7 gpm triplex pump. Vibra-pulse helps the hose slide around tight bends in small lines and down long runs. This unique feature allows the flow rate to remain the same whether Vibra-pulse is on or off.

The compact JM-1450 is just 34 inches tall. If you don’t have the room on your truck, you can easily remove the detachable hose reel to reduce the height to just 14 1/2 inches. The telescoping handle makes it easy to roll the machine to and from the job.

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