Smart Plumbing Technology Making Its Way Into Homes

Plumbers need to take a look at smart technology on the market as homeowners begin to want more of that in their homes

Home automation. You might think it’s a futuristic idea with technologies controlling everything, from lights to lawn mowers. However, you may be surprised to learn these solutions — and the opportunities they offer — are already here.

Homeowners can now automate almost anything in their homes, including windows, blinds, appliances, clocks, speakers, doorbells, surveillance cameras, home security systems, garage doors, climate control systems, cleaning systems, sprinkler systems and even food preparation.

The reality of home automation is not in the future. It’s now.


The industry has evolved to bring the Internet of Things to plumbing. There are now smart water technology systems that give homeowners real-time access to their plumbing, enabling them to learn about leaks as soon as they happen and offering the power to remotely shut off the water when they’re away to prevent catastrophic leaks and costly damage.

Savvy homeowners looking to home-automation solutions for greater ease and reassurance in their lives would love to be connected to their plumbing systems. Think about it: What if a pipe bursts when they’re on vacation? Or what about the toilet flapper that has been quietly wasting water (and money) for months?

Or how about those forgetful moments when someone accidentally leaves a faucet running (most likely the tub) and walks away to check on something, only to get distracted and return later to inches of water on the floor?

Water leaks and accidental water misuse are real. Nearly every homeowner has experienced a water incident at one time or another. As plumbers, you see this on a regular basis in your line of work.

To reinforce this idea, ponder these stats:

According to the Insurance Information Institute, water damage accounts for almost half of all property-damage claims.

About one in 50 insured homes has a property damage claim caused by water damage or freezing each year, and water damage ranks as the second-most-common home insurance claim.

Of homeowners who have experienced a water leak claim in the past two years, 57% spent more than $5,000 on cleanup costs and 15% spent $20,000 or more.

Forty-one percent of homeowners say a device that alerts them to water leaks is highly appealing.

If you haven’t thought about it, now’s the time. Smart water technologies are the next frontier in the connected home, and you can benefit greatly from this opportunity. Adding a smart water technology to your plumbing business will expand your reach into new customers’ homes and also provide a valuable benefit for service work when leaks are detected.

It’s a twofold opportunity. First, you can provide the technology to new and existing customers, then you can benefit from the technology when it detects a leak or some other plumbing issue and homeowners need service work.

These systems are a wonderful revenue generator for anyone in the plumbing industry — from the established contractor to someone just breaking into the industry. And they can apply to any type of application, from new construction to remodels to repipes — essentially anywhere there’s residential plumbing.


How do you add this opportunity to your business? First, do your research. There are varying levels of smart water technology systems on the market right now. Some are designed for the DIY homeowner, while others are specifically for the professional plumber.

The Phyn Plus smart water assistant and shutoff from Uponor, for example, is a connected plumbing device that is installed by trained, licensed plumbers. You apply online at to be considered for membership into the Pro Squad nationwide network. Then, after acceptance, you receive exclusive training and ongoing support to ensure success throughout the installation, setup and continuing service process.

Being familiar with the internet and having some tech savvy is helpful, of course, when learning these new technologies. However, being part of a professional, exclusive installer network can provide you with all the training and support you need. All that’s required is a willingness to learn and an eagerness to grow your business.

Smart water technologies offer unprecedented opportunity for plumbers, opening up an untapped market with homeowners while also providing an avenue for direct access to service work.

With these connected technologies, customers can contact you straight from their smart device’s app whenever they need help. They no longer need worry about finding the right professional for the job. Meanwhile, it ensures a faithful client base for you.

So, if you’re ready to up the ante in your business, why not offer a smart, water-leak-detection system? Think about all the positives it can offer. Consider how easy it is to get trained and up and running on a technology that is going to be in demand.

Seize the opportunity, and be one of the first in your area to offer a smart water technology. It will give your current customers a valuable home-automation solution they will love while also opening doors to new customers you might never have otherwise encountered.


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