Running Your Cold-Water Jetting Equipment

A safety and operational overview for high-pressure waterjetting

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Running any drainline jetter requires full training on the safety and operation of the equipment. HotJet USA offers exclusive hands-on training with every jetter sale. The company’s engineers and mechanics are on hand to answer all of your questions and instruct on the proper utilization of HotJet USA equipment.

It is imperative that all technicians be properly trained on the use of the machines and how to properly handle the equipment, including the hoses and nozzles, as well as the correct personal protective equipment one must wear when operating a high water pressure unit. Operating high water pressure equipment is dangerous. Technicians should not be operating any equipment until they have completed this training and signed off on the safety sheets that are included with every jetter.  

In the following video, HotJet USA division manager Chester Axley reviews the safety and operation of the twin-engine cold-water jetting equipment — the XtremeFlow II — a popular choice for municipal sewer cleaning. The XtremeFlow II features 70 hp, 18 gpm at 4,000 psi on a tandem axle trailer. The unit is fully loaded and turnkey upon delivery.  

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