How Smart Water Technology Improves Customer Service

Smart home solutions create savings for homeowners and more opportunities for plumbers

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How Smart Water Technology Improves Customer Service

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When thinking of smart home solutions, your first thought may go to Google Home or Amazon’s Echo Dot, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. From lights to security cameras to refrigerators, more elements inside the home are being upgraded with technology to make life more efficient and fuss-free. 

While each smart device plays a significant role in the home, one of the most important security solutions has largely been left behind: water intelligence. If there’s one smart home system that every resident needs, it’s smart water — especially considering that water damage is the second-highest insurance claim. 

Water leak detection systems offer homeowners peace of mind while also supporting plumbers and contractors by giving them an opportunity for great customer service.   

The emergence of smart water technology 

There are a couple of main reasons smart home water monitoring has gained popularity over the past couple of years.  

  • An aging housing market — The average home was built in the ‘40s, and pipes are only meant to last 25 to 50 years. Plus, a lot of these homes have copper pipes, which are prone to pinhole leaks. These factors combine to create a ripe arena for homes that are susceptible to leaks. 
  • Insurance companies — They’re losing billions of dollars every year. Statistics show that one in 50 homeowners filed a water-damage claim each year between 2013 and 2017, and the average insurance claim for water damage is $10,000. Fewer leaks mean fewer claims for them and fewer headaches for homeowners.  

How smart water tech improves customers’ lives 

Smart home devices can keep users safe, help them save money and simply make life easier, all while seamlessly integrating into their every day through smartphone apps that keep them informed. Here are some benefits of a smart leak detection system. 

Peace of mind 
Not only do products such as the StreamLabs Control help homeowners avoid big leaks with automatic shut off capabilities, they can also prevent high water bills by detecting small leaks too.  

Instant updates 
Real-time updates are crucial to stopping a potential problem in its tracks, so relying on utility companies to provide insight or data isn’t the best course of action. Water bills arrive monthly, bimonthly or even quarterly. By the time a homeowner gets the bill, it could be too late to identify a problem. 

Easy-to-understand data 
When customers get their water bills, they still may not know if their water consumption is normal or higher than it should be. Because some utilities use centum cubic feet to measure usage, it's difficult to conceptualize. Smart water technology puts water usage in units that homeowners recognize, giving them insight into something they didn’t have before. When they know how much water on average a home their size should be using, they're more likely to adopt a conservation mindset, which is beneficial for their budget and the planet. 

Compatibility with the rest of the smart home 
For additional ease of use, smart home plumbing devices can integrate with operating systems such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant so users can receive water data and take actions just by using their voice.  

How smart water tech benefits the plumbing professional  

The emergence of smart water technology also presents additional opportunities for plumbing contractors and plumbing business owners, such as:  

  • A natural opportunity to add value — When performing service and repairs, plumbers can offer a product their customers actually need without taking more time from the job. The homeowner is most likely already burdened with the hassle and headache of a leak or water issue, so recommending a leak detection system is a natural opportunity to add value. Plus, installation is quick and easy, so it isn’t an inconvenience. 
  • Better ratings — Suggesting a solution to prevent water damage — which is seven times more likely than fire damage in the home — could help plumbers’ reputations as well. When businesses provide customer service that goes above and beyond, Facebook and Yelp reviews improve, putting them ahead of the competition. And if the water leak detector finds a potential issue, plumbers get more call backs and repeat business.  

Find out more 

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