Resourceful Drain Cleaning Professionals Seize Opportunities in Crises

With preparation, courage and common sense, drain cleaners can successfully help customers through these uncertain times

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Resourceful Drain Cleaning Professionals Seize Opportunities in Crises

“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.”

Contrary to popular lore, Winston Churchill never said that. But Michael Williams at Just Drains LLC in Philadelphia firmly believes it — especially when confronting COVID-19 concerns.

“Unlike most office jobs,” Williams says, “plumbers and drain cleaners are never confined to the same four walls every day.” 

Each day and every job provide new challenges and contacts. “Every person you meet offers the promise of more business down the line.”

Even in times of crisis.

Be prepared

The coronavirus pandemic, he says, provides unexpected prospects for savvy professionals. 

“This is going to create work for the drain cleaning industry. People are flushing lots of things down the drain that should not go there — wipes, tissues, paper towels. 

“If your phone is not ringing now, it will be. And you must have the right attitude when you answer it.” 

He’s seeing it in his own business.

A third-generation drain cleaning pro, Williams built a unique business model around subcontracting drain cleaning services to over 350 regional plumbers.

That approach, the right tools, hard work and talent made Just Drains, he declares, “the No. 1 drain cleaning company in Philadelphia.”

With six expert crews, Just Drains serves southeastern Pennsylvania from the Delaware River to Harrisburg — a sizeable swath of territory.

“When the call is given, we must answer – even during crises,” he says. “It’s up to us to blend professional service with customer education.”

Lead by example

“Know your business — and know it well. Show the right attitude to your personnel, too. And give them the leadership and initiative to seize opportunities.”

Educate customers

“Everything in our bathrooms and kitchens needs to go where it’s supposed to.” Otherwise, a customer’s risk of stoppages increases. 

Obvious, right? But Williams says that selfless, “simple acts of helping others save money and build goodwill — and loyal clientele.” It’s probably why, he adds, Just Drains gets “85% of its business by word-of-mouth.”

Get reliable tools

Michael Williams trusts General Pipe Cleaners products to retain his robust reputation. 

“General equipment is durable, and takes a beating,” he says. “We use our General tools 24/7, 365 days a year, and they don’t fail us.

“I have special fondness for the new T-4 cable drain cleaner.”

Common sense

Above all, drain cleaning can be done safely and without undue concern simply by using common sense, Williams says. 

“Some customers wonder if I’ll ever leave their bathrooms. That’s how thoroughly I wash up — much more than 30 seconds per hand.” 

He also packs towels and wipes to grab door and drawer handles. He never touches his face when dealing with waste. And he regularly cleans and disinfects tools. 

General additionally recommends always wearing leather gloves over rubber gloves. Rubber gloves can get caught in the spinning coils of cables. 

“You can’t fix any coronavirus concerns by simply Googling or tweeting,” Williams says. “You need more than your phone.” 

Drain cleaning experts, he says, must be in the right state of mind – professionally, mentally, physically and even spiritually. 

The current crisis takes both courage and common sense. “Be prepared and ready to take care of the needs of the customers — because our customers need us.” 

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