Why You Should Add Hot Water Jetting to Your Plumbing Business

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Why You Should Add Hot Water Jetting to Your Plumbing Business

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Over the last decade, we’ve seen a huge increase in plumbing companies that are adding drainline jetting to their operations.

Once thought of as “only for the rooter guys,” drain cleaning is finding its way into the plumbing industry — we now have hundreds and hundreds of HotJet sewer jetters in service worldwide.

Plumbers and drain cleaning professionals are benefiting by the ongoing innovations developed for the jetting industry and now they can tackle the most stubborn of cleaning jobs. As a result, plumbers are substantially increasing their revenue.

Expand your core plumbing business and your profits

Bringing focus to household and commercial drain problems creates a ton of new opportunities — all while providing a great service to your clients. 

Gold Seal Plumbing – Spokane, WA
Doug – Service Manager

Gold Seal was initially skeptical about adding drainline cleaning and maintenance services to their busy shop. They shopped for a drainline jetter and chose the HotJet II due to its applications for both commercial and residential capabilities.

“With the addition of the HotJet and a new focus on solving customer’s drain issues, our drainline jetting division has really driven an increase in our inbound phone calls and our average drain service call revenue has roughly doubled. Our drain techs also look for other plumbing opportunities — which leads to even more plumbing revenue.”

Troy McGraw
T & CJ Mechanical 

“I initially bought a small cold jetter and camera from Chester, looking to expand my plumbing services company. He encouraged me and said, “This is just the beginning, Troy’ and after only 90 days watching the revenue come in, I ordered the HotJet III trailer unit — fully loaded — and came to the jetter class. Now 90 days later, I’ve ordered another HotJet unit and plan to order my 4th all within one year. The HotJet III unit gives me the versatility to clean nearly any size drain. I use the 3/8-inch hose first; then, depending upon the grease load in the sewer, I will fire up the 70 hp hot-water jet and clean the lines. This works super for the trailer parks and commercial accounts. I had no idea how jetting would expand my business — the guys at HotJet have really made a difference for our company’s bottom line.”

Best return on investment

HotJet USA realizes that an investment is determined by the ROI. Our jetting equipment (especially the HotJet II) has proven to give the best ROI. Adding jetting equipment to your lineup of services creates a whole new profit center. 

Jetters cost more than cable machines. However, additional jobs are generated because you now have the right equipment to handle commercial and residential work at higher rates than your competition. Now you can charge additional fees for the use of advanced technology, which means that the initial cost of the equipment is returned faster and your revenue will increase. 

When customers first operate one of the HotJet USA jetters on the job, they always say, “This is so much easier and more effective than a cable machine. I should have bought one years ago. We could have used a jetting machine on hundreds of jobs where we just couldn’t clear the drain with a cable machine.” While cable machines provide a temporary fix, they are not capable of addressing the full problem of most jobs. Clogs that are caused by heavy FOG buildup or tenacious roots are rarely fully cleared by a cable machine. However, the HotJet II cleans these types of clogs fast and efficiently.

Speed up the cleaning process

Sewer jetters bring the combined power of cutting and flushing that speed up the cleaning process. Jobs that were too big for your cabling equipment are now possible with the addition of jetting equipment. 

Adding jetting equipment will increase the efficiency in which you complete a drain job. You will find that you will be able to do dozens more jobs now vs. before when you had to turn work away because you didn’t have adequate equipment to handle the job. With the additional revenue that jetters generate for plumbing and drain cleaning businesses, moving on to the next level in the industry suddenly becomes a reality.

After jetting, run your camera down the line and inspect the line. The camera will show any imperfections: roots, bad connections, bellies. This is where you really grow your business: by offering the best long-term solution for your customerspipe replacement, repairs, dig jobs, lining, etc.

The hot water advantage

Just like cleaning your hands or dishes, hot water makes all the difference in cleaning the greasy crud that builds up in the sewer system. The HotJet II is engineered to run either with cold or hot water. The temperature can be adjusted to suit your needs.

Financing your investment

Need help with financing? Interest rates are historically low and the tax benefits are super. The HotJet USA staff can guide you to the best financing. We know what you’re facing in regards to your business and are here to discuss your financing options. We hear this a lot, “One jetting job a month will make my payment for that month.” Can you or your technicians up-sell one cable job to a jetting job a month? Most plumbing companies do a couple per day.

Were here to help you grow your business — not just sell you a jetter. With our 60-plus years of jetting experience, you have a business advocate in HotJet USA. In addition to helping you finance your jetting equipment, HotJet USA offers an unparalleled training program that will not only instruct you on the operations, safety and maintenance of your investment but also advise you on parts and accessories and discuss ways in which you can market and grow your jetting business.

This one-on-one, personal touch support is why so many of our jetter customers are so successful today and choose HotJet USA as their jetter supplier.

For more information, call 800-624-8186 or visit www.hotjetusa.com.

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