Starting Fresh: Ohio Plumber Overhauls 35-Unit Hot Water System

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Today, @plumbingstateofmind tackles a longstanding hot-water issue troubling a 35-unit apartment building. The existing Dunkirk cast iron boiler, along with a maze of indirect water heaters, was clearly past its prime. With leaks, makeshift supports, and fittings adding to the chaos, the team opted for a complete system overhaul.


#Repost 🔄 @plumbingstateofmind Check out this mess! Sometimes starting over from scratch is the only option, just like in this video. From old cast iron to shiny, new Bradford White Water Heaters! 😍 #plumbing #plumbers #plumber #plumbproud #plumberlife #septicpump #residential #bluecollar

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This 35-unit building has been experiencing the problem for quite some time now. As seen in the video, the Dunkirk cast iron boiler in place was due for a replacement. Along with the boiler, there were a few indirect water heaters that were jumbled in this mess of a system. The plumber and his team go on to demo the entire network and start from scratch. Pumps being held up by chairs, the Dunkirk boiler leaking all over the floor, and old fittings found throughout the tangle were only a few of the issues.

They started by removing everything, completely hitting the reset button. Once the entire mechanical room was cleaned out and the floor was washed, they brought in the new equipment. Two 100-gallon, 199,000 BTU Bradford White water heaters were brought in to replace the setup. Next, they reconfigured the 2-inch hot and cold feeds to the heater and plumbed it as an equal draw. Both heaters will be used, never one favored over the other. All of the piping is strapped with teardrops.

With the revitalized system now in place, the apartment building is back in service, providing reliable hot water to its residents. The team has transformed a dysfunctional setup into a streamlined and efficient solution!


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