Spring Sprouts Trouble: Battling Roots in Drainage Systems

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As spring arrives, so does the battle between roots and drains. This season signals a rise in calls for clogged drains infested with root systems. Roots become increasingly active this time of year, seeking moisture and nutrients and often finding their way into sewer lines and drains.

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Root infiltration is a common issue faced by homeowners and property managers, causing blockages, backups and potential damage to plumbing systems. While trees may enhance the landscape's beauty, their roots pose a hidden threat beneath the surface. As they grow, they exploit any small cracks or joints in pipes, infiltrating sewer lines and wreaking havoc on drainage systems.

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In the videos, witness firsthand the incredible lengths (pun intended) to which roots will go to get into lines. They can serve as a powerful reminder of the importance of regular drain maintenance. As we welcome the season of renewal, don’t forget to keep drains clear and root-free, ensuring smooth-flowing plumbing systems for months to come.

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